UK Leaflet Printing – How to Create an Ideal Leaflet

UK leaflet printing is available from many different service providers, but the quality of finished leaflets can vary considerably. However our team of dedicated design professionals have put together a list of top tips to help you develop an effective leaflet to market your products and printing services. It is important to clearly define the objective of the article and its purpose. Is it to introduce new customers to your business or is it to be distributed to existing customers to launch a new product or service? It is important to have in mind the ultimate goal of the leaflet and the target audience. These factors will determine how the leaflet is structured, the content and images contained within. As with any type of promotional material however, always make sure that it is consistent with your other branding and includes your logo and tagline if you have one.

As every business is vying for the attention of target customers, you will need to produce a leaflet which is engaging and informative and clearly conveys your key message. As specialists in London print services, we advise you to be creative and think about your unique selling point, something you can offer customers which your competitors do not. If you do have a unique selling point ensure this is included in the headline. This will draw attention and interest in your business and encourage people to read your leaflet in more detail. If you do decide to add pictures to your leaflet choose these carefully. Ensure that they are of high quality and above all relevant to your business. If you provide products, include some professional product photographs or if you are a service provider such as a web designer include a few well placed screenshots to showcase your best work. Try to strike a balance between text and images and don’t overload your leaflet with lots of imagery.

One of the most important elements to consider when creating your leaflet is the content. It is imperative that you prepare well written copy which is creatively structured and split up into short paragraphs. Make use of headings to break up the text and include key words which will spark interest with the readers of your leaflet. Colour is also an effective tool when designing your leaflet and full colour leaflets proven to have more impact than those printed in black and white. The size of the leaflet also needs to be taken into consideration; A5 leaflets are often more effective as they can easily fit in leaflet stands or be attached to notice boards. When it comes to UK leaflet printing, we would always recommend that you use a high quality paper or thin card.

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An effective way to encourage people to read your leaflet and get in touch with your business is to include an incentive. This can be in the form of a free gift, an offer, discount code or voucher. If you do include an offer of some sort make sure that it is given prominence on the front of the leaflet printing UK. Furthermore, if the voucher codes are to be used online track how and when they are used which will inform you how the discounts and offers are being used enabling you to target the most effective methods in future promotional material. As with any marketing or promotional material it needs to include a strong call to action. Don’t just include one of these, strategically place them a few times within the leaflet and include contact information; website addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses; the same information you would include if you were printing business cards. If you operate from a shop or unit, include opening times.

It may seem quite a trivial task but one of the most important things to do after you have spent a considerable amount of time designing and developing your leaflet is to proof read it. There is nothing worse than having 1000s of leaflets printed to find that there is a spelling mistake or your phone number or web address is detailed incorrectly. Check it through yourself and if you can ask someone else to read it through as a fresh pair of eyes. Before you give the go ahead for printing acquire a copy of a PDF proof to carry out a final check before the printing is complete. Failure to check through your documents can be a costly mistake to rectify after the printing is complete. Here at Printpal London we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality printing services and have years of experience in UK leaflet printing.