Photocopying Services; How to Reduce Your Costs

Photocopying services can be particularly costly for your business but there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce your costs without having to stop using photocopying services altogether. As a business owner you will often make multiple copies of documents; customer forms, copies of documents and more are all routinely copied. Educational establishments often produce copious amounts of paperwork, relating to course content and activities and they need to be photocopied to the highest standard. With more and more businesses shifting toward paperless ways of working, there is a decreasing demand for photocopying services. However when you do need to appoint a company to photocopy in bulk make sure you understand their pricing and ensure they are using a quality copier. There are also a variety of top tips you can follow to get the best value for money, reduce your printing costs and receive the finest quality printing services.

High quality photocopying can make all the difference and it is often better to reduce the pages and opt for a higher quality finish than have lots of pages which are of a lower standard. In order to reduce the pages required for photocopying, try to condense down the information. Only include essential facts and provide readers with links to information online or provide access to supporting information in an electronic format they can access on their computer, mobile or tablet device. If you can and there are no restrictions, reduce the font and margins of the document as much as possible. This will fit more text onto the page and decrease the total number of pages which require copying. If the document includes lots of images, resize these and crop any unnecessary space surrounding the image. Also use the ‘wrap text’ function in many word processing applications which will allow you to make the best use of the available space.

If however, you do have specific limitations placed on margin sizes, dimensions of images, spacing and font requirements, opting for double sided printing london can reduce the amount of pages by half. Colour printing can be rather costly; so if you require many pages photocopying on a budget, change as much as you can to black and white, leaving only the images in colour. Paper is an important consideration to make when using photocopying services. Determine what the documents will be used for once finished and whether you can use a cheaper quality paper if they are for use within your business. If they are being disseminated to potential customers however, opting for a better quality paper is always preferred, just reduce the number of pages following the tips already provided above. What’s more, environmentally friendly or recycled paper can also reduce your costs.

Paper, Design and Choosing Printing Services London

We always recommend that you only print the quantity that you require. Copying many more documents than you actually require can incur additional costs and create a significant amount of waste. By the time you get to use the surplus copies, the content may require updating and so the additional copies you previously ordered are no longer required. We offer a print on demand service which allows you to order exactly the amount of copies you require and no more, saving you money and resources. Many people who use printing services do not realise that photocopying is a much cheaper option and with new copier machines the quality can be almost, if not as good as a printed document. Rather than using printing services London why not print one document and then send it to a service such as ours which allows you to photocopy in bulk. This is a much cheaper alternative than printing hundreds or even thousands of pages.

When it comes to photocopying, significant cost savings can be achieved through the use of a designer. Design specialists can review your existing corporate documents and look at layout, use of fonts and format to make the most of the available space. Although this may incur an additional cost from the outset it can prove much more cost effective in the long term. If your business does not have a graphic designer in house, ensure that they work with the corporate communications team to develop documents which are functional, readable and make the best use of space. In addition, conduct a review of how you photocopy documents and see whether you can make any reductions in the amount of paperwork that requires duplication. Can internal documents for employees be sent and received electronically which will save a considerable amount of additional paperwork. We are providers of highly effective copying solutions. Fast turnaround times, high quality photocopying services that you can rely on.