Poster Printing UK; Creating Powerful Marketing Material

Poster Printing Services UK is not an easy process to master, or even to complete on a basic level. In fact transforming those virtual creations into something for the real world can lead you to encounter a variety of stumbling blocks along the way. This may lead you to producing a poor quality, sometimes embarrassing end result that you will be ashamed to present.  However, you need not hang your head in shame, with this useful guide you can make sure that the image you have spent so much of your time designing looks just as good on paper as it does on your screen.  Whatever the reason for your poster campaign; gig, party or just for decoration you can be sure to produce a top quality image that is sure to draw admiring glances  as well as promote  your chosen event as best it can! 

The beginnings of the design

Delivering highly effective design services is something that here at Printpal London we are extremely proud of.  Colours are of paramount importance when designing printed or digital material and we always recommend that you work with a CMYK colour space rather than RGB and be aware that Photoshop can easily swap between these two modes without you knowing.  If you do need to transfer your work from RGB to CMYK then you may find that you lose some of the brightness in particular shades, this is because RGB has a much broader colour space than CMYK, however CMYK is a more realistic showcase of those “real world” colours that a printing shop will have available. If this occurs then Photoshop has a tool (Gamut Warning) that will highlight those colours that are causing a problem. Printing London can help you with a variety of different aspects of company literature and printed stationary.

Creative Design for Large Format Printing

When it comes to Poster Printing UK it is important to have even the smaller points right in order to achieve the best results. Failing to set the right DPI resolution (Dots Per Inch) is one of the main issues that effects poster printing; often it is set too low. Low resolutions can lead to a blurred or pixelated poster, not exactly the look that you are going for. Always set your DPI to 300 in order to get the best quality. As well as resolution, size is also incredibly important to keep in mind for printing. The most popular size of paper is A2, A3 and A4, however it is always wise to make sure that both you and your printing company are in agreement of the size of paper that will be used.  Having your design swamped by the paper around it, or with parts missing due to a smaller size layout can cause you issues and mean that a whole re-print is needed; costly and time-consuming!

Once you think your design is ready to be passed over to us for printing then it is time to put in place those last few checks that will make sure that you will receive the end result that you are looking for. Files should always be sent over in PDF to make sure that the highest resolution is printed off.  JPEGS are also an option; however you should be aware that these are often much lower quality. It may also seem like an obvious check, but spellchecking is so often neglected when it comes to poster design. Make sure that you have double and triple checked those words to make sure that you haven’t made any errors which could mean you need to organise a whole new re-print, or be faced with the embarrassment of a misspelt word.  It is also worthwhile ensuring that the font you have used is clear and easy to read before you agree to multiple, unreadable prints.

What’s more, we always advise our customers that digital printing will deliver the best results. After all, with your promotional material, you want it to look the very best as it’s a reflection of your company. Take a bit of time to make sure that the company you choose for your printing is going to be the one to provide you with the best quality. Shop around, ask for reviews and recommendations on the best companies and do your research; otherwise you could be left with disappointing results. We are more than happy to share our countless customer reviews providing you with the reassurance that you are provided with the very best.   We strive to deliver excellence across all areas of our work including poster printing UK and take great pride and care in the work we deliver to our existing and repeat customers. Contact us to see how we can help you with design, print or both!