Large Banner Printing and Design Processes; Top Tips

Large banner printing is something which you'll often require if you're advertising on a large scale or are perhaps attending a trade show or event. If you visit any company exhibition you will see that banners appear in a range of sizes and formats with the ultimate goal to raise awareness of products or printing services and entice potential customers to visit a stand to find out more about the business. Moreover, banners are certainly one of the most versatile advertising tools available because they are extremely economical and work well wherever they have been placed. Whether you have a layout in mind or you need something developing from scratch, there are a number of top tips you can follow to ensure that your banner is effective and serves the function it was designed for. You have to contain a strong call to action to encourage prospective clients to contact your company.

As with any marketing or promotional materials, your banner is a reflection of your organization so it has to be of the highest quality. It is a good idea to choose a skilled printing company to look after the banner creation, including design if possible. If you're using your banner at a trade show or event, always make certain that it coordinates with your existing branding and the complete layout of your display stand. Maintain consistency too with your existing company colours and fonts which will convey professionalism to your prospective customers. Above all, before you commit to an order for large format printing for a banner, be sure it's an appropriate size and format for the event or location where it is going to be exhibited. Will your banner be most effective if printed vertically or horizontally? How will the banner be installed at its desired location and will you require any particular banner holders to show your banner ad? These are all significant considerations to make.

Just like any type of marketing signage the bigger the banner the better the effect; but only when the design has been approached correctly. Here at Printpal London, like many other banner printing companies offer a variety of standard sizes which will accommodate a variety of spaces whether you are attending an event or whether the banner is for general outdoor display. Certainly one of the most frequent mistakes many businesses make when printing their banner is making the layout over complicated. Think carefully about the content, layout and key messages you would like to communicate to your target customers. Keep the layout as clean and simple as possible. If you're uncertain of how to accomplish this, our expert team of design specialists will be able to make some suggestions and provide some thoughts for large printing projects that is frequently required for large banner printing.

Successful Banner and Poster Printing UK

    In terms of the layout of the banner follow these simple measures;

  • Include a bold headline which piques the interest of potential customers but keep it brief and to the point
  • Only use clear, sharp photography or corporate pictures
  • Add impact with concise, well written copy
  • Add a strong and convincing call to action accompanied with your logo and business tag line
  • Be sure the fonts are suitable for printing on a banner, keep them bold and easy to read
  • Font sizes are crucial in your banner ad and a specialist printing company such as ours will have the knowledge to advise on which fonts and typeface sizes will work well in your banner. The same as projects for poster printing UK, ensure that the writing is just not squashed together; make a clear space between each line of text to enhance readability. Always use fonts for example Ariel rather than Times New Roman which isn't easy to read particularly from any distance.

As with the fonts, colours are equally important to the design of your banner. Colour choices can convey particular moods so be sure you select your colours carefully. Specific colours will denote particular emotions; greens and blues are quieting and frequently used in advertising material. Grey, white, black and gold often represent prestige whereas orange and yellow are vivid colours, red being used to catch focus. Where possible it's recommended to avoid or use dark or vivid colours with caution. You don't want the colour scheme to detract from the message of the banner. Additionally make sure that there is some contrasting colours that will make your banner more effective. Another great trick particularly if your banner is to be used at a trade show or event would be to use lighting. This if used correctly can emphasise particular elements of your stand for example the banner and focus attention on your key messages. Contact us today to discuss your large banner printing requirements.