Printing Business Cards; Top Tips for Design and Print

Printing Business Cards can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to getting them absolutely right first time. Your business card is often the lasting impression that people will have of you and your business so it is always advisable to put some effort into creating something that is high quality. One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to creating your business card is that as well as looking great it should portray your business as best it can. Not only is it a method to communicate your contact information it should also have a small tagline that will convey who you are and what you can do for them. The design of your business card should always reflect the type of business and the sector that you operate in and be designed accordingly.

If you are in finance and accounting perhaps there is less need for bold images and fonts compared to those who work in graphic design. That said, don’t be afraid to express some level of creativity in the design to catch the eye, just like you would with poster printing services UK. A great business card starts with a great design. It is important to find a way to make sure that your card is memorable and stands out against others that may be placed in a holder. The shape and texture of the card is a great way to make sure that your card is the one grabbed, why not cut the corners at an interesting angle or use a texture that others might not think of to show that you are one to stand out from the crowd. With individuality in mind it is always advised to avoid standard clip art where you can and to invest instead in a uniquely designed logo to make sure that you have your own brand identity.

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All of the information that is included in the card should be as current as possible and you should try to have as many access points for your customers to visit or contact you. Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Email, phone and a website are all things that customers or clients will look for when they have your business card. Once you have a design in mind it is time to put it all together ready to be printed up. The most important thing to remember when it comes to finishing your business card is that simplicity is incredibly important. Do not be tempted to use too many fonts or have too much information on the card. Use a simple layout that ensures your main message is easily visible. As soon you are happy with the way it looks it is time to have them created, using quality printing services London.

The danger of this part of the process is that you may be tempted to opt for a cheaper option in order to save yourself on costs. Whilst in some circumstances cutting cost corners is acceptable, when it comes to printing business cards you might find that a cheap isn’t always better! You should always get the best cards that you can afford after all, once you are gone your card is all the customer has to remember you by. One way that you have a high quality card yet get a great price is to order in bulk; often printing companies will offer a discount to people who order higher numbers. Now your card is designed, printed and ready to go; it’s time to get out there and start handing it out. Before you start give the card another quick once over to make sure that the information is correct, in keeping with your business style and that there are no spelling or printing errors.

Your business card should be kept with you at all times as it is an essential marketing tool for your business. We understand the importance of designing and printing high quality cards which will make a lasting impression on customers. You should always include a business card in any products that you sell, or in any correspondence that you send. Whilst the recipient may through away the letter itself, they are likely to keep the business card. When face to face with clients and customer alike it is a great idea to hand out your business card at the start of the meeting, this ensures that they put the card away and also cures that awkward moment at the end of “here is my business card!” We take great pride in the delivery of services surrounding printing business cards, as we want to provide you with exceptional quality marketing materials.