Printing Services London; Developing Engaging Company Literature

Printing services London and around the UK provides an incredibly important service for business of a variety of sizes. After all, every company needs this corporate literature, the printed matter that provides an overview and outline of the products or printing services they offer. Printed matter come in a variety of shapes and sizes; newsletters, brochures, reports, manuals, posters, labelling, letterheads and even catalogues are all things that may need to be printed up. With any of these types of paperwork the temptation to do a DIY job and print them in-house is often overwhelming, however it is advised to resist this urge and seek out a printer who will complete the work at the very best quality possible. After all, a professional looking document will boost the impression of your business. As your company grows, so will your need for printed matter, so here are our top tips when dealing with printing.

Understanding the basics of good graphic design is probably the easiest way to ensure that your print looks its best. As well as making sure that any logos or images are professionally designed the best place to start is with a clean, clear, simple design that will not overload the reader. This is true for any type of print, however of course there will be those that require more information than others to be included. As well keeping it simple you should keep it complimentary, by this we mean that all literature you release should have a similar look. Of course each type will need to have its own unique feel but it should always slot in with the “family look” of your business and be recognisable to clients and customers easily. Once you have a handle on these basics of good print design then it is time to look at each piece of literature individually, taking into account important factors of the layout and design.

The Importance of Great Design and Professional Leaflet Printing UK

One thing that printing London will advise their customers is that pages full of writing will not appeal to the reader. Avoiding too much text is key when it comes to designing any literature; break up any copy that you need to include with plenty of visual aids such as photos, charts and illustrations. That said, white space can also be a powerful took to avoid a crowded look. You may feel tempted to ensure that every inch you pay for is used, however white space can break up any areas of text as well as create a frame for all the content on the page. If you do have plenty of images included in the document then try to have captions with all the photos (where appropriate of course). This ensures that the reader has some idea of what they are looking at as well as identifies any products that you might want to give a sales boost to.

Whilst the above tips are the basics to creating business literature there are some other things to keep in mind. Staying as close to possibly to standard formats is recommended as anything “abnormal” may not be easily filed, posted or likely to be kept. You may think that this will make you blend in to the crowd, but sometimes making things easier for the customer or client is more important than sticking out! When it comes to the designing and distribution of your business literature it is also advisable to have one person responsible at all times. Having one person will give a more uniformed design and feel to all of the documents that you distribute out as well as ensuring that everything is kept together and in one place when it comes to filing, time-lining and planning.

It may seem obvious to some but making the most of your company literature is an important marketing tool for your business. As leaders in the design and print industry, we understand the importance of having well designed, easy to read and high quality printed matter which will create a lasting impression on your customers and perhaps even entice some new ones too. Whilst you may feel tempted with cutting corners in costs and time this may not have the best long term benefit for your businesses success and growth. We specialise in the provision of top quality design and print services serving customers across London and the UK. By putting in both some effort and time when it comes to designing your print as well as sourcing a high quality printing services London you will be sure to have a greater chance at putting your business right where it needs to be, not in the waste paper basket!