Printing Services; Top Tips for Choosing your Provider

Printing services are readily available both online and offline but choosing a company who will deliver the best quality can be difficult. Here at Printpal, we have been providing comprehensive printing and design services for several years and with our experience, we outline some helpful tips to select the most effective printing business. So how do you as a business owner ensure that you're going to get a solution which is both high quality and value for money? After all, the ultimate goal of your printed marketing materials is to convey your company message, outline its products and services and raise awareness of your brand. Furthermore, marketing collateral should make a lasting impression on your current and prospective clients so it is worth spending a little extra to receive a better quality end product. If your printing materials are of a poor standard, this will reflect badly on your business and give the impression that your products or printing services are of inferior quality too.

Your printing work is important, so where possible it is worth visiting the printer yourself, touring their premises to find out how they carry out their work, asking questions and speaking to the staff to determine how your poster printing UK work will be completed. The standard and presentation of the premises can sometimes reflect the quality of work they produce. Ensure you meet the person who will be managing your printing projects and ask them what's included in the price, the anticipated turnaround time and processes for printing. Request to see examples of current work from your shortlisted printers that match closely with the specifications that you have for your own project. Check a few samples to see if the finish is consistent and see whether there is any smudging of the ink or incorrectly formatted pages. Also look at the imagery; are the pictures clear or blurred? These will help you decide whether the printing is of a high enough standard for you business.

It is important to remember however, that choosing the cheapest company to carry out your printing work may prove to be false economy. If the finished products are delivered and are not up to standard this may reflect badly on your business. It’s not always the case but on occasions, very low prices frequently indicate poor quality, because firms may use low-cost ink and paper to be able to provide quite inexpensive printing. Additionally low cost also can imply your job gets printed at the same time as other clients which may impact on the time they can turn around your printing project. We recommend selecting a printing business that's a little more expensive but that provides great quality and value for money. In addition, it is always wise to find out how your printing services will be managed; you have to be able to trust your printer to manage the printing process effectively.

Printing Business Cards and Promotional Material

If you are thinking of commissioning a company for your leaflet printing UK work for example, whether it’s a one off assignment or you are looking to establish a long term partnership, it is always advised that you attend a meeting with them at their premises before you commit to anything. By speaking to them you will form an idea of how they operate. Ensure that they are open and honest about pricing and turnaround times and they guarantee a professional service with good communication and client management skills. Ideally it is often more beneficial and cost effective to look for a printer who can manage the entire process from the initial design stage through to printing the finished product. Review the printer's website and evaluate their customer list, take a look at their experience in printing, how long have they been established? A good company will be proud of their reputation and will not hesitate to provide you with customer testimonials and reviews.

You can also determine more about their business online through a general web search and by using social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn. The equipment used by the company can also have a significant impact on the quality of the work produced and the time taken to complete your printing work. Companies using digital printing methods can provide top quality printed products in large quantities, delivered in quite a short period of time from receipt of the artwork. Determine whether the printing company will be viable and cost effective as some printing companies will be more economical for larger printing projects than others and prices can vary considerably if you require special printing effects such as foil or decoration on the paper. Here at PrintPal London we specialise in the delivery of high quality printing and never compromise on the standard of work produced. Affordable printing solutions for all types of business and we guarantee exceptional service, fast turnaround times and printing services you can rely on.