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Three Reasons Why You Should Still Be Using Business Cards

Business Card Printers London

With technology continuing to advance rapidly at an extraordinary pace, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking paper is an irrelevance. But many will still argue that nothing beats having something tangible and something physical in your hands. Nothing more encapsulates this belief more than the continued importance of printing business cards. In this blog, we explore why business card printers London way still matter to your career prospects.

We’re going to discuss three reasons why good print business cards are still the number one way to firmly remain in the thoughts of a particularly influential peer or person important to your career or business prospects. Firstly, compare the business card to the likes of Twitter. Sure you can encourage someone to go and follow you on Twitter on the spot, but the reality is that you may be the 5th person out of 20 to do that to this particular individual within a week. A Twitter handle won’t just fall out of the pockets of someone’s trousers as they go to put their clothes in the washing. A business card is something tangible, something that they can see, something physical that they associate with you that they now have in their possession. In a world where anyone and anything can have a social media account, this physical connectivity to those important to your career prospects and business success has far more value. And, of course, your business card can have your phone number, email, Twitter handle and other important info on it – allowing you to connect physically and digitally to those important figures. This is just one of the reasons why you’ll still find professional business card printers London wide.

Secondly, a business card never has to be shut down for maintenance. When there’s no Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G available, your business card doesn’t become non-operable. No matter where the recipient of your business card happens to be, they’ll always have the card. Now, you may be thinking when on earth within the UK infrastructure would that sort of downtime possibly happen past some calamitous technical events? Simple: flights. When on a plane, many today still don’t have access to WiFi. And given that planes are ‘home’ to many business people, your card will likely be read and remembered. Our third and final reason behind why business card printing London is still relevant is because of the personal nature of handing someone a business card. As handy as smartphone technology can be, it can often ended up being a major barrier between truly connecting with someone who is physically in front of you. Handing someone a business card ensures there’s eye contact; that there’s a smile; that the person you’re giving the card to is the main focus of your attention. So there’s no doubt that technology is crucial in order to connect today, but it doesn’t guarantee a meaningful connection. So make sure to keep frequenting printing services London way because business cards are still irreplaceable.

Good business card printers London way can work with you to personalise and customise your card to completely suit your style and brand. So stop by your local printing services and keep your business cards well stocked.

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