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The Best Places to Display Your Promotional Posters – Our Guide

Even in today’s digital-driven world, putting up posters in your local area is an effective way of advertising businesses, opportunities, or events. The most significant benefit of printing posters, however, is that it offers a flexibility that allows for a fully customized design with the ability to demand total attention from passers-by.  In no way does it replace the importance of optimiz...Continue Reading →

Our Tips for on How to Prepare Your Business Card Design for Printing

The use of business cards remains a mainstay of business in spite of the working class transforming into a digital landscape more and more. It’s a crucial marketing opportunity that enables you to expand your circle of clients and collaborators, and when done right, it can effectively draw the attention of your prospects every time it’s handed out.  For a business card to be successfully e...Continue Reading →

Our Guide to The Best Printing Materials For Your Business

Even in this modern digital revolution, print marketing continues to be a powerful strategy that can help businesses of all scale and type reach and engage with their target customers. Studies found that print media is in the midst of a massive resurgence and back in 2017, its response rate surged by 190% with 43% more customers responding directly.  The reason why it remains effective promoti...Continue Reading →

Our Tips to Making an Effective Brochure Design – What to Know

Creating an effective brochure design is crucial in displaying an accessible product with easy-to-understand service information. Even with the dominance of internet marketing, using brochures in conjunction with other tactical tools is an effective way of getting and keeping customers.  To that end, a brochure should distinctly and succinctly display details of your business and what your pro...Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Booklet Printing for your Business – What to Know

Booklets are solid promotional materials that have been used as a standard advertising tool for many years. Despite living in a technology-driven world, more companies are still using print booklets as a useful tool in marketing. Even with the rise and dominance of new trends such as social media, booklets are still robust as it helps spread the word about your business in a relatively ec...Continue Reading →

Great Locations to Distribute Promotional Stickers – Our Guide

Stickers as promotional material for a business is a tried and tested marketing strategy, but it is by no means outdated even when online advertising dominates the industry. It’s a versatile tool that can open up new possibilities for businesses as it targets guerilla marketing tactics, outdoor campaigns, and giveaways. What makes such a strategy effective, however, is that it directly markets t...Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Advertising With Leaflets – How to Generate a Great ROI

Advertising has evolved exponentially in this digital age, and while there are plenty of marketing trends that take full advantage of this new platform, print advertising like leaflets works just as effectively - and sometimes even better for small, local businesses.  Print material such as leaflets provides a point of reference for consumers to go back to when searching for your products and ...Continue Reading →

Our Tips for Having an Effective Flyer Distribution Campaign

As old-school as it may seem, leaflet marketing is still a useful tool for promoting a new product, services, or to introduce your business to a specific demographic. It is by no means a replacement for online marketing efforts, but rather as a supplementary strategy for promoting a business. It is a cost-effective strategy for small and medium scale businesses to promote their brand as flyers,...Continue Reading →

Reasons Why Leaflets are an Effective Promotional Strategy – What to Know

Businesses and their marketing strategies have always revolved around staying relevant to their audience. The competition and opportunities presented are now fiercer than ever that the influence of the modern era’s digital landscape has raised the stakes on the latest marketing trends. However, despite the rise of tech-driven strategies, old-school tactics like leaflet distribution remains a use...Continue Reading →

What is the difference between Litho and Digital Printing?

Well, the simplest explanation is: Litho printing uses wet ink and printing plates and digital printing uses toners on a press, similar to that of office printer but slightly more advanced. Most printing companies would use digital printing for shorter runs and litho for the printing of longer runs. Let’s look into this a little bit more… The correct term for litho is Of...Continue Reading →

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