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Minimising our environmental footprint

Our commitment to decreasing our environmental footprint begins with ensuring that every component of the printing process is as efficient as possible: printing, paper, ink, material, cosumables and delivery.

Certain ways that we do things

  • Our pre-press procedures do not involve the use of chemicals, developers, or fixers.
  • We recycle all of our plates and never discard liquids.
  • We employ well-managed paper stocks or recycled paper supplies.
  • Inks based on vegetable oils are used in place of pure oil inks.
  • Our large format machines utilise HP latex inks that are both environmentally friendly and recyclable through the HP Planet Partners programme; additional information is available here
  • Paper trimmings and offcuts are minimised and always recycled.
  • Sensitive overprints (i.e. print that contains client information) are shredded on-site and recycled.
  • Waste is minimised and disposed of properly by a qualified provider.