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Why Printing Shops Are Most Definitely Still Important For Marketers

Printing Shop London

In 2017, it can feel like the marketing or advertising strategy that you should be approaching is online. But guess what? You’d be wrong. Paper and printing services still play an incredibly important role when it comes to influencing people. It’s why so many businesses still use printing shop London services.

But there’s no denying the power of online. We do live in a landscape where digital is crucial to any marketing strategy. And you are, after all, reading about print whilst on a digital device. However, both online and print strategies can sit aside one another. In fact, many experts have argued that they complement one another. Paper advertising materials – such as brochures, leaflets, posters and banners – can drive people to an online shopfront. So even businesses that have never offered, and will no ever offer, any tangible, physical goods can still use printing services London wide. Take, for example, an app developer using paper advertising to advertise to a target market of younger adults. The goal is to push potential buyers to the app store to either download or purchase their app. A large portion of this target market is the student populace. In order to reach this student populace, the developer’s marketing team could use a print shop London to print leaflets or business cards to be included in marketing packs that are given out to students during fresher’s fayres. This is just one example of how print marketing can be used to enhance an online-only product.

So while printing shop London services are still relevant as ways to market and advertise online-only products and services, we’re happening to negate a lot of the UK marketplace. After all, no matter how much business is facilitated online, much commerce still happens in the physical world with physical goods. Many businesses know their clients and a large part of advertising and marketing efforts are spent in retaining these partners. Regular printed material – such as brochures and leaflets – sent to clients via the post can help remind them of why your business and services are so highly valued. It can also serve as a great medium to inform clients about new products or services. In fact, a targeted mailing campaign to the right people in the right businesses can be far more effective than an email. Inboxes everywhere are stuffed to the brim with marketing and advertising materials. In fact, many email platforms are able to filter these emails out so the recipients don’t see them. A targeted leaflet sent through the post? That can’t be ignored or blocked. These are just some of the reasons why shops offering digital printing in London are still very much important to marketers and advertisers.

There are, of course, many more reasons why the printed form isn’t going anywhere. People may talk about the likes of newspapers sales being down, yet newspapers are still circulated to over 10 million people every day; and those are just the major UK national newspapers. So the printed form isn’t going anywhere. Its role, however, is evolving and changing. So keep good relations with your local printing shop London way because you’ll never know when you need leaflet or banner printing services.

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