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IImportant Things to Consider When Designing a Roller Banner

Important Things to Consider When Designing a Roller Banner

Roller banners are perfect tools to attract more people towards your business. Besides being there to let people know about your brand, they also show what products or services you have to offer. That said, you would have to consider a couple of essential things when designing your roller banner. Below are just a few examples.

1. Font Size:

Your roller banner should have a large font size for easy reading. You might want to think about using an 11 pixels to 14 pixels font size for roller banners that are 2.5m long and an 11 pixels to 17 pixels font size for roller banners that are 2.8m long. If you are using large fonts, you may have to increase the physical size of the letters as well.

2. Colors:

Colour is an essential thing to consider as well. Black and white colours might be popular choices, but they do not give the best results. If you want to make your banner stand out, you might want to incorporate colours. If you are using colours, you should make sure that they are bright, crisp and easy to read.

3. Logo:

Logos are another important part of your business, and you would want to add them to your roller banner. To do this, you might want to place your logo on a separate layer and move it to the front of the banner.

4. Themes and Graphic Design:

The themes of your roller banner should be consistent with your business. It should also cater to the kind of audience that you are targeting. If you are targeting business professionals, you should have a theme that will appeal to them.

5. Text:

When designing your roller banner, you should also consider the copy. The text should be easy to understand and give a clear call to action.

6. Images:

When using images in your roller banner, you ought to make sure that they are high-quality images that are crisp and readable. If you are designing a one-off banner that you’re not going to use for a long time, you might consider using images from stock photo sites.

7. Call to Action:

Your roller banner should be eye-catching and also focus on a call to action. Try to think of what you want to tell your possible customers. In case you want to tell them to come to your business, then place your call to action on the bottom of your roller banner.

8. Size of the Roller:

The roller on your roller banner should be large enough to accommodate your design. When choosing the type of roller banners that you’ll use, you should determine the height and width of your design and make sure that it will fit the roller.

9. Other Design Elements:

The design elements on your roller banner should be consistent with the theme that you are going for. You might want to consider using textures and gradients to make your roller banner stand out. You might want to incorporate them with your logos or other graphic design elements as well.


As you can see, there are several things to consider when designing a roller banner. You would want to pay attention to the size of your banner, the font size and colour, the design elements and more. If you are thinking of using it as part of your marketing campaign and you want to make an impact, you would want to take all of these vital things into account to gain more branding traction in the long run.

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