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Business Card Printers UK – Business Card Design Mistakes

Business Card Printers UK

Business card printers UK wide will always be in high demand. After all, this is a unique form of print marketing that is extremely effective, as it is convenient and gives business owners the ability to capitalise on any type of opportunity that presents itself. However, this will only be the case if the card is designed effectively. Thus, read on to discover more about some of the most common mistakes.

  • Choosing an unsuitable style – Firstly, one of the biggest blunders made by business owners is choosing a design that is not suited to their business type. If you run a creative business, unique designs and bright colours may work well, but this is not the case for the likes of lawyers and other professional services.
  • Only using one side – For many years, businesses only used one side of the business card, but this is simply a waste. When printing business cards, you should do so on both sides to give yourself more space to make an impact.
  • Calligraphic fonts – Fancy, calligraphic fonts may look nice while designing on your computer screen. However, once they are printed onto a small business card they are going to be very difficult to read. A business card should never make the viewer work hard to get the information they need. Save the fancy fonts for large format printing.
  • Including too much information – A business card is designed to provide the most basic and vital information. You should not be overloading it with details.
  • Using an oversized or awkwardly shaped card – A big diamond shaped business card may sound like a fresh idea, but you need to remember what a business card is about, and this is convenience and practicality. You take these qualities away when you go down this route.

If you avoid the errors mentioned above, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed when you pick up your cards from the business card printers UK based you have chosen.

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