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Cheap Poster Printing UK – Tips For Perfect Poster Design


Cheap poster printing UK wide is highly sought after. After all, there are many different reasons why a company or individual may require posters printed, from advertising an upcoming event, to marketing a sale in-store, to safety posters to place around the workplace. No matter your requirements, continue reading for some design tips.

The number one rule when it comes to poster design before choosing a poster printing UK based company for printing purposes is making sure it is easy to view from a distance. To do this, you need to think of the poster in three layers – the heading, the details, and the fine print. The header needs to be the largest piece of text and draw people in, and it is important to ensure the details do not overcrowd the poster. Another tip for poster design is to make sure the colours contrast, as this will make them more eye-catching and easier to read. If you go for a monotone colour palette with pale gradients, you are going to struggle to make an impression. You also need to make sure you include a call to action. The aim of every poster should be to encourage people to do something, whether it is sign up to a newsletter or go to an event. Fancy and bold typography is another way to get your poster noticed. Finally, have you considered having mini versions of the poster printed by a printing London based company so you can place it elsewhere? This will help you to make a bigger impression. One of the standard marketing principles is that a person needs to see something 20 times if they are to remember it, so the more posters the better.

Now you know how to design the perfect poster, the next thing you need to do is look for the best company offering cheap poster printing UK wide. Luckily, this is exactly what we provide at Printpal London. If you have any requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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