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Things to Include on a Personal Trainer’s Business Card

Things to Include on a Personal Trainer’s Business Card

We all place our personal trainers in high regard since they help us understand the different routines that make our bodies fit and flexible. That being said, they also need to have their own business card to get more interested clients to their livelihood.

If you happen to be in charge of designing a personal trainer’s card and it is just your first time, chances are, you may have little to no idea of what to include in it. In such a case, there is no need to worry. We have listed a couple of recommendations below that you may use as a reference.

1. Name and Contact Details

Of course, your personal trainer’s business card should have their name and contact information in it. It could be a phone number or an email address. Either way, they should be able to communicate with their clients in case they have any questions or concerns.

2. The Name of their Company

Suppose the personal trainer is working for a company that is dedicated to fitness and exercise. In that case, it is best to include its name on their card as well. In this way, people will also know what’s in store for them, if ever.

3. Their Position

You can also include the position of your personal trainer in their business card. It may be something like “Owner of the Fitness Center” or “Director”. Just make sure that you are mentioning a position that is both accurate and true.

4. Their Area of Specialization

You can also include your personal trainer’s specific area of specialisation in their business card. It may be something like “Focus on Weight Loss”, “Specialised in Running and Marathon”, or “Myths about Physical Fitness Dispelled”. You can even include “Always Online” if they offer online assistance regarding their area of specialisation.

5. Their Claim to Fame

Suppose there are newsworthy things that they have done to promote their business. In that case, you may also consider including those in their card. This way, your personal trainer will be able to build a brand and gain popularity for the services and products that they are offering.

6. Their Achievements

It is best to show your personal trainer’s achievements on their business card. It will help them build trust and credibility with their clients as well. Some of the accomplishments that could be included are “Named Best Personal Trainer in the City”, “Received a Certificate”, and “Recognition for their Outstanding Performance”. You can also include “Invited to” if they have been invited to different events and seminars.

7. What Makes Them Different

You can also show your personal trainer’s differentiating factor in their business card. If they have something unique or some exceptional trait that they are proud of, you can include it in their business card.


Your personal trainer’s business card is just as important as their skills in encouraging people to be fit and healthy. Hence, it would be best if you took the time to create a detailed card that will make them look more like a professional and gain more clients.

It is an essential tool for marketing and promotion. If you are the one who is designing their personal trainer’s business card, ensure that you include all the important information that will definitely gain them more clients.

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