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What Are the Different Types of Sticker Material

What Are the Different Types of Sticker Material

There are numerous sticker types and formats available to fit your brand’s needs. While stickers are believed to impact your brand subtly, their impact can be beneficial. We will break down the benefits of each sticker to make it easier for you to choose the right one.

1. White Glossy Removable Vinyl

Like traditional stickers, white glossy removable vinyl is standard. This is the most common type of sticker used for various applications and is an excellent option if you are unsure which type of sticker you prefer to use.

The material is completely opaque and can be tricky to apply since it is not semi-gloss. This material was used for the majority of stickers in the market. The material removes easily when heated.

2. White Semi-Gloss Removable Vinyl

White semi-gloss removable vinyl is a slightly less expensive alternative to glossy vinyl but maintains a similar look and feel. Like glossy vinyl, this material is also completely opaque.

Since this material is not as thick as glossy white vinyl, it’s recommended to use a bit of heat to make sure everything sticks.

3. White Matte Removable Vinyl

Also known as matte vinyl, white matte removable vinyl is similar to glossy white vinyl but has a more subtle and textured finish. 

This material is completely opaque but does have a fine texture. The material is easily removed when heated. 

4. Clear Glossy Removable Vinyl

Clear glossy removable vinyl has a glossy, high-quality finish that is entirely opaque. This material is the standard for any transparent sticker, but it doesn’t have a textured touch.

5. Vinyl

Also known as window stickers, vinyl is the most durable material available. It is excellent for outdoor applications but can be applied to any other surface. One of the main benefits of vinyl is that it can adhere to any surface. Vinyl can easily be removed from glass, metal and painted surfaces.

6. Clear Acrylic or Glass

Clear acrylic or glass stickers are made from the same material used for vinyl stickers. They are great for outdoor applications and can be applied to any other surface. This material is easy to apply, remove and reposition.

7. Holographic Vinyl

Holographic vinyl is a shiny, opaque material perfect for creating eye-catching graphics. It can be used for various applications, such as branding and product promotion. Some applications for holographic vinyl include bike helmets, skateboards and other items.

8. Glitter Vinyl

Glitter vinyl is entirely opaque and perfect for projects requiring bold and eye-catching graphics.

9. Metallic Vinyl

Metallic vinyl is exceptionally similar to our holographic vinyl but with a shiny finish. It is perfect for creating eye-catching graphics.

10. Black and White Matte Vinyl

Our black and white matte vinyl has a matte finish similar to our white matte vinyl. The main difference is that this material has a black base.


Whether you want to create stickers in traditional white matte or vinyl, or hologram, matte or glitter, high-quality material stickers can highly benefit your brand. 

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