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Outstanding Business Card Trends to Look Out for in 2022 1

Outstanding Business Card Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Business cards have always been beyond just a piece of cardboard. They are more like portable advertisements with built-in calls to action, and improving the design of your business cards will help you grow your company. Brands are experimenting with explosive new designs every year, reinventing what those little rectangles can do. 

So, for 2022, here are brilliant business card trends that will instantly establish you as a modern, forward-thinking professional.

Less-than-Formal Cards

Whereas business cards used to be strictly business, they’ve recently gotten more talkative. Perhaps it’s because people are all famished for an informal chat after the last few years, or perhaps it’s part of a larger trend toward personalising encounters.

Even formal sectors can employ in-card content that reads like idle chit-chat to offer a more human side to their business card design. By inserting material that seems like a personal chat, you appear warm and approachable.


Self-referential jokes and other forms of meta-humour have never been more popular, especially among the younger generation. Now, apply that to your business cards? At the very least, you’ll stand out among the stiffer and less amusing business cards on the market.

Recognising the underlying ridiculousness of business cards is a great approach to engage with forward-thinking audiences and establish your credibility. These cards are half-ironic, half eye-catching, and all about showcasing your originality. They frequently include a visual pun relating to the person’s profession.

Revived Modernism

At least on business cards, the mid-century modernist design approaches are making a comeback. When you think about it, the design components are a fantastic match for business cards. They’re eye-catching, easy to read, memorable and compact.

The modernist design adheres to the principle of “form follows function,” which means that graphics prioritise business cards’ rational purpose over artistic expression. Primary colours, basic designs like circles and triangles and tight grids are all hallmarks of modernism present on business card trends this year. Last but not least, the design is known for its bold, sans serif fonts, which work well on pocket cards.

Pattern Extensions

While repeated patterns have long been a popular business card design, patterned line art is becoming increasingly popular in 2022. This one, like a couple of other business card trends, deviates from the norm. Line art has an innate edginess to it—especially the erratic and chaotic ones set against black backgrounds, which are both nostalgic and current at the same time.

Turned Up Contrast

Cards with high contrast, both in colour and typeface, are by far a leading business card trend for 2022. What makes this concept appealing is that it’s a fantastic trend to pair with the other business card trends in this article.

Many of the cards you see will have a black backdrop with brilliant colour flourishes. And you can further capitalise on this trend by contrasting the sizes of things, particularly typeface. Combining large and small lettering creates a dynamic effect that adds interest to your card while also allowing you to influence how the reader interprets your brand by emphasising certain words over others.


Your business card, as a branding tool, can have a long-term impact on how people see you. The design choices you pick for your business card reflect who you are as a person. It’s not enough to simply combine the most recent business card trends and call it a day. The trick is to stick to trends that can represent you and your company.

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