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The Paper Choices To Make When You Use Printing Services

There are lots of things to consider when you are thinking about using printing services for your business and one of those is paper choice. This depends on a number of things, for example, whether you are printing leaflets or business cards, but if you’re at all unsure, here are some things to consider.

Size is a very important consideration, particularly when you’re thinking about leaflet printing UK. Do you want a single sheet, perhaps of A5 paper, or a folded booklet? Regardless of the size you eventually go for, you must also ensure that the quantity of text is right for your paper. Too little and it will look like you have nothing to say, but too much can seem crowded and put people off reading.

Colour is also an important factor to think about, and this is particularly the case if you are printing business cards or posters. Both of these products should be eye catching, particularly if you intend on using them for advertising. However, it is essential to avoid crossing the line between colourful and overly busy. As such, it is best to choose a maximum of one or two colours and employ them in a consistent theme.

Finally, you will need to decide on the type of paper you want, and this is important for all your printing needs, be it leaflets, business cards or posters. You can choose between matte and glossy, and it is also important to think about the density. This is measured in gsm and ranges from 35gsm-55gsm, which is the thickness of newspaper, to 350gsm-400gsm, which is more like the thickness of card.

So now you have a better idea of the things to consider when ordering printing services, you can start to narrow down your options and give a much more specific order to your provider.