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Prints and Labels Custom Business Labels and How to Use Them 1

Prints and Labels: Custom Business Labels and How to Use Them

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Labels are handy and versatile. Their purpose is to give us information, warn us of unsafe or dangerous conditions, and identify certain items. You’ll find labels in almost everything you own, from medicine bottles and your milk carton to the washing instructions on your shirt and the organisation boxes in your office; they are everywhere!

When you want to make a custom business label, there are a few things you’ll need to consider, like wanting to produce high-quality and finding a cost-efficient way to create them. 

Having a properly designed label for your business’s products can significantly improve brand recognition and customer experience. It shows that your brand is professional, credible, and reliable, making more people curious about your products and trying them themselves. 

If you’re interested in producing custom labels for your business but unsure of the direction you want to take, keep reading. Here’s a list of different types of custom business labels and the best ways to use them. Stick around and let’s get to it!

1. Die-Cut labels

If you have an odd-shaped label design and want to keep its shape when you stick them on other surfaces, consider getting die-cut labels. 

Traditionally, die-cut labels were only made in huge quantities because you’ll need to invest in equipment to create this type of label, making it ideal for large production. Thanks to technological developments, like laser technology, die-cut labels are more accessible and can also be produced in smaller quantities without worrying about going over the budget. 

2. Removable and repositionable labels

If you only need to label a particular item for a short time, consider using removable labels. These “low tack” labels provide you with a weak adhesive, allowing you to simply peel off the item when you’re done using it. 

But if you need labels that can easily be peeled off and used in another item, try repositionable labels. These labels come off easily and are perfect for signs that may need to be relocated a few times. 

3. Window Labels

While window labels aren’t exactly things that you would put on packaging, it’s still a tool that will allow you to get people’s attention, especially if the design is colorful and striking. These types of labels are typically large and hard to miss, drawing attention to your store.

4. Cling labels

One of the most common labels that retail shop owners like to utilise are cling labels. Retailers use this type of label to inform customers of their products, services, promos, and sales by maximising the use of their window space. 

Cling labels are incredibly easy to install and remove since they only use static electricity to stay affixed on the windows or have low tack labels with a small amount of adhesive. 

5. Informational labels

As mentioned earlier, labels are used to inform and identify items and sometimes, that’s really all they need to do. For example, produce and items in the grocery need to be labelled to avoid any confusion and prevent shoppers from buying things that may be bad for consumption, especially if you’re allergic to certain items. 

In some cases, labels are used to explain how to use certain items, maintain them, or store them. All of this information improves the experience of the customer and gives them a more positive experience. 


These are only five of the most common types of business labels that you can consider for your products, retail shop, and other business items. When you choose the right type of label, you’ll be able to maximise its use as well as inform consumers adequately. This is why you should work with a reliable printing company to get the results you need to improve your business’s efforts.

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