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Planning A Community Event With Print Services London

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Community events are great ways to get people together, to share a special day, or just to have fun. However, it is important to ensure that they are properly organised, have all the correct permissions and licences and that you let people know it is happening. Here we explore the basics of planning your event, including where and when you need the support of print services London wide.

Before you can even start planning, you need a great idea. This idea needs to include aspects such as what you want the event to be, what you want to achieve through the event and the size and scale of the event. You need to get a team together to help with the work. Your team needs to come from the community and provide all the skills and expertise you need, or at least help you to access these, including printing services. Once you have your idea and your team, you need to check for any permissions and licenses you need. Make sure once you have these, they are kept safe and get quality photocopies from local photocopying services of anything that needs to be displayed on the day, such as alcohol and music licenses. Part of getting your permissions includes considering health and safety. Do you need to inform the police or local fire brigade? Do you need to have printed or copied letters from printing services London based, as proof from these authorities in case of insurance claims etc.? While you are doing all of this, keep in mind your budget and how you are going to raise the funds you need for the event.

Now that you have the basics in place, you need to start publicising your event and getting as much interest started as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this, especially if it is happening on a bank holiday, or other important date. People tend to plan their days off in advance so get in theirs quick. It is also important to use a range of media to advertise and promote your event and to do so regularly until the event happens. Using social media, local media and word of mouth are all important, but must be balanced with hard copies of the information from print services London. Flyers, leaflets, posters and column inches in newspapers are also very important. Each of these can be specifically designed with the help of your local printing services in London, and include logos and colour schemes that are within keeping with the event. Start getting these printed and handed out early. If you get your print service London based to print in small batches, you can modify the details as more elements are confirmed.

So, the day of the event is here, you have been troubleshooting right up until the last minute and now everything is going well and is in full swing. All that is left to do is enjoy yourself, right? Well not quite, there is still the big clean up to go, and organising print services London based for the thank you cards, or flyers for everyone that attended or took part.

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