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How to Successfully Use Flyers to Promote Your Business – Our Guide

When it comes to traditional advertising, flyers are proven and tested marketing materials. They continue to thrive as forms of advertising amid the rise of social media, viral campaigns, and online marketing. Flyers are still being utilized by most companies for four reasons.

First, many people continue to use flyers, and companies still heavily rely on them because of their relevancy. Second, producing these informational materials is affordable yet effective at informing the target market. Third, they are simple and straightforward in showcasing your brand as well as selling your products or services. Lastly, they are easy to create as there’s no complex process involved in producing the designs and printing the materials.

In the following section, we’ve rounded up several practical steps and tips for the effective distribution of flyers.

Practical steps and effective distribution

Coming up with the designs and printing your materials is one thing, and distributing your flyers is another. There is what is called as effective distribution, which entails creativity and proper promotional tactics. Know that consumers will consider your materials if they can benefit from them. That said, take note of the following tips in using flyers to market your business:

  • Customer engagement: You can engage your customers directly by knowing and going to where they are. You can have boxes for flyers and head off to prospective places – from the yoga studio to the coffee shop, book store, carwash, or hardware store.
  • Use of distributor: You can pay a distributor to spread your flyers. A distributor can put your flyers in mailboxes, stick them indoors, and even under windshield wipers. This scattershot approach is effective at reaching out to a wide range of audiences. The higher the volume, the better.
  • Business associates: You can ask your business associates to hand out the flyers for you in exchange for a fee.
  • Choice clients: Another way to do it is to send a bunch of flyers to choice clients. Ask them to circulate them in return for a reward such as a discount, free service, or an upgrade.
  • Public events: As with any type of business, you can always hand out flyers at public events such as presentations, shows, and fairs. 
  • Outdoor flyer dispenser tray: You can get an outdoor flyer dispenser tray where people can take a flyer from your business when they pass by. 
  • Poster display: You can print your flyer in a poster size to display it. You can do so outside your business, on the sidewalk, or hang it in the window of your shops.
  • Community events: You can attend suitable neighbourhood and community events and distribute flyers there.
  • Point of purchase: You can hand out a flyer at the point of sale. This works best if your flyer offers discounts or incentives for future purchases.
  • Digital version: You can promote a digital version of your flyers on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. 

Promotional materials are effective, tangible forms of advertising. Typically, flyers are straightforward advertising, which depends on the size of your print run and the volume of your campaign. Make sure that you use these materials effectively in promoting your business. 

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