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How to Incorporate Print Ads With Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Many companies nowadays incorporate the use of traditional marketing and digital marketing. While many businesses have started to go digital, they can’t do away without print marketing. Print materials for advertising remain effective, relevant, and practical, whether marketers use flyers, brochures, banners, or billboards. Utilizing both print marketing and digital marketing can prove to be a robust marketing strategy for your business. 

Here’s how to incorporate print ads and digital marketing strategies:

Consistent Branding

As with any business, consistency is the key. This holds true for marketing as well. It makes sense to ensure your branding remains consistent across all mediums. Whether it’s digital or print, you want to make sure that your campaign is reflective of your business branding. Make sure your target audience and regular customers recognize your brand whatever platforms you use.

Best Posts As Guide

When it comes to marketing, what better way to proceed than to go through your most successful posts? Look for headlines and visuals that have the best responses from a specific target market. Once determined, see what can be used for prints. You can do a little tweak and incorporate these messages across different print formats and publications. Uniform messaging in print and digital platforms can lead to consistent branding.

Interactive Print Ads

When it comes to digital marketing, one can expect engagements from the audience. This is particularly true for social media marketing and website interaction. It may come off a bit challenging in the world of print. However, there are ways to add a bit of life to your prints. You can create interactive communication between you and your prospects by using the QR code and your website. You can even match them with a customized mobile app of your own. Most of the latest smartphones have a QR code scanner, which will take your prints to your digital realm. 

Minimalist Copy

Digital marketing may entail the use of boundless content. The more content you produce, the more value you create. It is even more so if you incorporate the use of keywords and come up with fresh, relevant, and compelling content. On the contrary, print media may somehow be limited. Use strong wordings and powerful messages from digital ads for your print ads. Come up with eye-catching headlines, clean visuals, and just a few sentences. A minimalist copy will do wonders for your print advertising.

The Use of CTAs

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are meant to prompt the audience to perform your desired action. One effective way to do so is to include your email and website in your print ads and refer customers to shoot you an email or visit your website. The two forms of advertising should be helping and augmenting each other for a solid marketing strategy.

Some marketers segregate their traditional forms of marketing like print ads and their digital marketing on the assumption that both differ in uses and platforms. Smart marketers, however, realize how incorporating the two approaches can be extremely powerful for your business. Follow the valuable pieces of the advice outlined above. All these can make a difference in your marketing strategy and business in general.

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