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5 Benefits of Using Roll Labels to Grow Your Business

When starting out in the industry, printing your own product labels makes sense for your budget. You can achieve this using basic home printers and sheet labels. But as your business grows, you have to keep up with your customers’ demand and expand your reach. Therefore, you need more high-quality labels. 

The best choice would be to use roll labels, which are cost-effective tools to create custom labels in bulk. They even come in die-cut shapes and sizes for your convenient use. Here are some benefits of using them to scale your business:

  • Prints fast

When it comes to business, time is money. You cannot afford to waste time and cause unnecessary delay when printing labels because it can bring your operations to a sudden halt, increasing your expenses. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about dealing with such a problem when you use roll labels. They are fed in label printers, which are roll-fed and digital, which means they print faster and in high volumes than sheet labels. 

  • Costs less

Running a small business means operating on a limited amount of money. Because of this, you have to ensure you produce high-quality products without going over your budget. You can do that by switching to roll labels. 

Compared to sheet labels, the cost per label of roll labels is generally much cheaper, especially when you print in bulk. Therefore, you can get more bang for your buck as you can print more custom labels for your money.

  • Offers more label shapes

As your business grows, you have to become more creative with your product label designs to stay ahead of the competition, attract more customers, and increase your sales. For instance, you may eventually need to print seasonal promotional labels, which means you have to design them in unique shapes and sizes. 

Roll labels provide you with this option. Unlike sheet labels, they are available in various sizes and shapes. They can also be printed in different finishes, like pre-coloured, high-gloss, textured, matte, or metallic.

  • Creates less waste

If you are looking for an option that lets you print high-quality labels with less waste, using roll labels is your best option. Unlike sheet labels, you don’t have to worry about positioning them properly to make sure they print correctly. Roll labels are economical because they are fed into a dedicated label printer with a label applicator, ensuring that your labels are not wrinkled since you are assured the rolls are properly positioned. 

  • Provides more label materials

Aside from having different finishes, roll labels come in virtually any label material, including simple paper, polypropylene, labels with removable or permanent adhesive, and more. You have more options to choose from to ensure you have the desired look and feel for your labels. 


Products labels are essential for your business because they are a big part of your branding. They play a significant role in how your audience perceives your goods, so you should never underestimate their importance. To reap the benefits listed above and grow your business, use roll labels. Don’t forget to partner only with a reputable company offering reliable printing services.

At PrintPal London, we specialise in high-quality printing solutions, such as labels, stickers, brochures, business cards, and more. We can help you address your printing needs based on your requirements and preferences. Contact us to learn more about our printing services!

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