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Celebrating a Big Day  Heres Why You Need Physical Invites 1

Celebrating a Big Day? Here’s Why You Need Physical Invites

Today, people turn to social media for everything. From save the date announcements to photo albums of the day, you can document and follow an entire event online. Many people who throw parties use text blasts, e-vites, and private groups to coordinate with their guests. 

Though this seems more accessible, it lacks the personal touch that physical invitations have. If you have a wedding, baby shower, or party coming up, you would want to have physical invitations. Here are only some of the reasons why.

Invitations Set the Tone for the Event

A physical invitation is better at conveying the tone of the event. Though you can view electronic invites on a screen, it’s different when you have an invitation to hold and examine up close. You can use textures and scents to give people a preview of the event. For example, if you’ll have an extravagant party, your invitation can convey luxuriousness with 3D patterns or scented paper. 

If you’re having a Halloween party, you can convey mischief or spooky fun through the graphics you use. An invitation gives you the chance to be creative. It also allows your guests a peek into what’s to come.

Physical Invites Are More Personal

Guests need to know several details for events to run smoothly. Things like the date, time, dress code, and location map would go on an invitation. Other things like parking instructions, gift registry information, and contact numbers for RSVPs also go on invitations. 

While you can put all of these on an electronic invite, it won’t be as personal as a physical one. The latter contains the guest’s name, the venue’s full address, the exact time the event starts, and other necessary information. An informative and personalised invitation shows guests that you prepared well for the event. Invites via social media, in contrast, seem casual—it is easier for many people to decline an e-vite.

Physical Invitations Are Memorable

People have dozens, if not hundreds, of notifications to deal with on social media every day. Event requests compete with notifications of comments, replies, reactions, live videos, uploads, and much more. It is easy to dismiss genuine invites, especially during hectic days. Even if you tick the button indicating that you’re going, the invite can quickly become buried in your notifications timeline.

In contrast, you cannot quickly dismiss a tangible invitation. Once you receive it, you’ll likely put it in view—you might display it on the fridge, a memo board, or a letter holder. Even after RSVP-ing, they typically keep the invitation as a reminder of the event or a souvenir. You cannot hang onto a digital invite in the same way. When people get invited through an e-vite, they sometimes forget they said yes. It leads to them scheduling another event on the day or forgetting to pick up a gift!


Although group texts and online invitations are quick and easy, a physical invitation puts your event front and centre in your guests’ minds. This kind of invitation allows you to maximise your creativity—you can use a broader range of materials on physical invites. When your guests have an attractive physical invitation to remind them of your big day, they will be more likely to remember it!

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