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Here’s How to Make Business Cards Work for You

You don’t go around walking without a business card; it’s one of the things to carry with you wherever you go. Business cards are so powerful that they can bring you many opportunities. That is why you need an effective business card. You might view making business cards effective as challenging because it’s only a small piece of paper. With the right tips, you can have an impactful business card. Here are some of them: 

Make Sure All Essential Details Are There

When you hand in your business card, you want the recipient to really look at it. To pique their interest, include all the right essential details in there. That means, be selective about the information you add to your business card. 

Make It Legible

There are fonts that are fun to look at, and you might be tempted to use them on your card. However, you need to ensure your business card is legible. So, before you use a font style, make sure it’s readable, and it’s something the people you meet or surround yourself with will appreciate. 

Avoid Full Coverage

It’s tempting to fill out the entire space of the business card. However, the use of white space is effective, like having content on only one side. That way, recipients may be able to read through it easily. Moreover, white space helps draw attention to the space with a text or logo. 

Design It Based on Your Audience

The design of your business card must be aligned to your audience. These are the people who will receive your business card, which is why it should resonate with them. If you have multiple businesses, make sure to have one for each, unless they complement one another. If not, one for each business is crucial to avoid confusion. 

Have Them Printed Professionally

If you’re thinking of printing your own business cards to save on costs, think again. Professional business card printing uses commercial printing capabilities. DIY business cards usually look unprofessional, and that’s not the impression you want to give recipients. 

You can save more money by having your business cards printed professionally. 

Use Special Finishing Options

The finish is a vital part of your business card, so choose one that is relevant to your brand. With so many options available out there today, it can all get so confusing. The trick here is to be careful about it and consider your brand and your audience while doing so. 

Have a Call-To-Action

Create a short message that offers a discount or something that will direct a message to your website. The right call-to-action can make your business card more effective, gaining more leads. 


Taking the time to craft a business card is important. These tips, such as making sure all the essential details are there, choosing the right finish and having them printed professionally, can go a long way. Your business card must be memorable and effective to ensure you get the desired results from it. Remember, your business card is a marketing material; make sure you get it right. 

If you need a professional-looking business card, you’re at the right place. Printpal London offers high-quality printing solutions for your business’s needs. Contact us today!


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