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4 Ways to Connect Printed Ads with Digital Ads

By tying your physical ads with digital ones, you can create marketing campaigns that are effective at converting leads into paying customers. With many innovations happening around, you might be overwhelmed with what you can do to combine the digital element and the physical element of marketing. 

That said, we’ve listed four ways you can take your print ads into the digital world.

1. Call-To-Actions

If you’re just passively marketing your products to your customers, you’ll merely be making print ads that are aesthetically pleasing and attractive. However, there is much more to print ads than this. You want an ad that doesn’t only look nice, but one that will move your readers to take action. That’s where call-to-actions (CTAs) come into the picture. 

Rather than saying, “visit us on our website,” employ CTAs that will compel the reader to do a specified action to gain a reward. For example, when advertising for a specific product, instruct them to “follow us on Instagram and receive a free 20 per cent off code for your next purchase.” These CTAs will guide readers to interact with your company in one way or another. As a result, traffic to your channel will increase significantly—your website, social media account, and others alike.

2. QR Codes

Connect your wonderfully printed ads to your beautiful-designed website by using QR codes. With a QR code included in your printed ad, customers can scan it and be taken directly to your website. This can either allow them to learn more about your product or make a purchase. 

QR codes are not only great for that but also allows you to collect data on how your advertisements are reaching customers. QR codes can also be printed onto any surface. This will enable marketers to go all out on creativity on both digital and printed ads without worrying that either platform is going to be ignored by the audience. 

3. Web Links

One of the most significant advantages of digital marketing, unlike print ads, is that you can collect customer information. By implementing links to web pages in your printed ads, your customers will be directed to specific landing pages made to collect customer information. You can also use different landing pages for different printed ads for locations to help you generate data on where your ads are most active.

4. Turn It into a Game

A great way to engage your customers with your printed ads is to turn the experience into something like a game. Humans are naturally competitive, and if you capitalize on that, customers will dedicate their time to playing your “game.” 

Implement a crossword puzzle into your advertisements that promise a reward upon completion, such as a discount code. Once your customers are done with it, allow them to snap a photo and post it on their social media, tagging you along with it.

By making sure your games are fun, your customers are going to build a positive relationship with you. This will lead them to trust your brand more and willing to do business with you more often.

With so many technological advances, there are many ways you can get your customers to interact with your print and digital ads. Start with the techniques given above, and you’ll seamlessly connect your print ads with digital ads!

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