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5 Creative Marketing Ideas Using Booklets – What to Know

Handing out brochures are an effective way to promote your brand because it conveys a concise message to potential customers. However, if a brochure is not enough for the details you want to share, you can get your message across using printed booklets.

While brochures are cost-friendly materials that are easier to produce, booklets provide more pages to promote your brand. There’s a higher possibility that customers will keep booklets longer because of its collector’s item vibe. Consider it as a mini catalogue where you can promote your products in a substantial and classy manner. These booklets can be distributed during events or via mail.

Well-designed booklets yield a positive return on investment because readers will associate your brand with elegance and class. The reach of this creative marketing strategy may not be as widespread as a television advertisement, but its delivery of information will convince the customer to patronize your brand. 

Increase your sales by engaging your buyers through these five amazing booklet ideas.

1. Image booklet

Create a coffee table booklet by using high-quality images featuring your products. This approach is perfect for clothing brands because of its visual appeal. The full-colour photographs can feature models wearing your items while concise captions explain the details of the design and reveal its price.

2. Technical booklet

Customers appreciate transparency when you provide them with a glimpse of your industry. Share detailed information about the technical side of your business through a booklet that contains behind-the-scene images and industry jargon. Customers will keep a booklet of this nature for future reference.

3. Community booklet

More customers will support your brand if you commit to making a lasting difference for those who cannot buy your products. Share photos about your outreach initiatives and inform your audience about the activity through captions. You can even persuade the readers to take affirmative action through donations or joining your next event. Make sure to place the website and social media links of your charity group to raise awareness.

4. Handy booklet

This booklet will retain your brand in people’s consciousness every day. If you’re running a food company, you can explore creating a cookbook. Meanwhile, coffee establishments have been successful with their annual planner that also contains coupons for discounts or free drinks. Offer anything that will be useful to your customers without committing branding overkill.

5. Kids booklet

Keeping an eye on kids can be time-consuming. Design a booklet for kids while promoting your business through colourful illustrations. Include activities like games or images that they can add colour to so that their parents can concentrate on other important matters, especially at work.

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