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Why Cheap Photocopying Services Shouldn’t Skimp On The Colour

Cheap Photocopying Services

Colour is part of our everyday lives. It enhances our experience of everything from nature to watching TV. While nature is responsible for its own colours, designers control the palette that is put in front of us in print and visual media. This palette is very important and its quality shouldn’t be compromised when looking for cheap photocopying services.

Colour evokes emotional and psychological responses in those that experience them. It also has cultural and religious significances that can vary through time. Understanding all of this is important when designing and looking for printing services for your business materials, logos, and advertising and marketing materials. For example, cool colours are believed to have a calming effect on the person viewing them. However, used to extreme they become cold and impersonal. Blue, for example, is just as associated with sadness, as it is the summer sky. Used in the right combinations, they portray comfort and nurture. This is great for leaflet printing UK wide for businesses that relate to health care, child care or personal care services.  Cool colours include blue and green, and neutral colours such as grey, white and silver. Warm colours such as red, pink, yellow gold and orange can convey strong emotions from optimism and excitement to anger, and even violence. Mixing these two sets of colours together in the right proportions is just as important as getting the balance of either cool or warm colours right before using London photocopying services. For example, using purple; purple is often considered a royal colour. However, in some cultures it is also the colour of mourning. It is also strongly associated with Advent and Lent within the Christian tradition.

If you have spent time researching your market sector and focusing your colour palette to encourage the required response, the last thing you need is for it to go wrong during printing or while using cheap photocopying services. So, what could go wrong and how can you prevent it. Firstly, when getting prices for your printing and photocopying services, ensure that the price you are given is for full colour copies. A cheap price could hide the fact that you are getting black and white copies of your well-designed materials. Secondly, consider how you are sending the materials to be printed or copied. Are you taking a copy of a poster you have printed to be copied? If so, is your printer up to standard? The copies you order from photocopying services will only be as good as the original they are working from. If you are unsure, can you send a digital copy to the printers? If you are taking this approach, you still need to consider the quality of the original. You may also want to find out more about the quality of the printers used by the company you have chosen. Where all these elements are in place you are much more likely to have, a calm and fulfilling experience, rather than seeing red.

Of course, colour is only one aspect that you need to consider when looking for cheap photocopying services, but it is an important one. If the colours run or bleed, or look different to the original, this could have a detrimental effect on your business and your relationship with your customers or clients.