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Our Guide on How to Successfully Create an Effective Business Card

Though many people think that business cards are obsolete, they are actually an effective way of building a positive first impression. When you engage in meaningful conversation with a potential contact while handing your card, it serves as an excellent introduction for your business. However, you can’t distribute a half-baked business card if you’re hoping to get more inquiries or sales from a networking event. 

With that, here are five essential factors that will make them keep your card rather than discard it.

1. Your contact details

Maintain the professionalism of your business card by avoiding nicknames and quirky taglines. Likewise, be wise in sharing your details. Understandably, someone working in social media management will place their user names for every platform they’re present. However, sharing your Twitter account that contains rants can be detrimental to your success. Stay formal with the details you share, and an email address is enough information.

2. Up-to-date graphics

Keep your business card relevant by using high definition graphics and update your logo to follow current design trends and discard old cards that look outdated. You must also produce new cards to update your contact details. Do not overlook these details because they help build your brand. Likewise, paying attention to every element and integrating up-to-date graphics will satisfy your potential clients as well.

3. Be unique

The business card can be a preview of your company’s ingenuity. Using original texts, colours, and shapes is an excellent indicator of your creativity, especially if you are a business that offers design services. Having a unique design will boost your branding and help others also ignite their creative thoughts. Even industries that don’t have anything to do design services will attract more leads by using unique images or texts to your card.

Giving a card that is useful for other tasks is a fantastic way to be unique. Customized tailors can add a ruler on the top side of their business card while bicycle shop owners can give out metal business cards with built-in wrench groves in the middle.

4. Choice of paper

Whether you cater to retail customers or other businesses, using quality paper for your business card is an indication that you don’t settle for inferior quality. Choosing cheap paper translates to the business decisions you make, and recipients may throw your card if they think that you use low-quality papers.

Avoid being a person who chooses the easy way out by printing samples on different paper types. Then, select the sample with the best quality and use that for all business cards. Some leads can take time to materialize, and keeping in touch with you is impossible if your low-quality card withers.

5. Print quality

Aside from choosing quality paper, you cannot settle for sub-standard products in terms of print quality. Research the different printing types and find the company with high-quality equipment. Poor printing can cause your business details to fade, making your business card irrelevant.

It also helps to have a professional graphic designer to create your card. You can commission them to create a new logo for your company or make the most of the card’s limited space. Finally, choose a printing company that takes care of the printing after you upload the design to its website. As a result, you don’t have to go out of the way to submit the layout and you can focus on more critical business tasks.

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