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4 Spectacular Colour Patterns for Christmas Promo Materials – What to Know

Christmas is a time of happiness that revolves around reunions, parties, and gift-giving. Because of this, you must reflect on this mood in your marketing collaterals. You’ll lose the attention of your target customers if you launch your campaigns with dull materials. Instead, bring the Christmas spirit to your advertising items by using colour schemes that trend during this festive season. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Traditional colours – red, cream, white

Traditional colours are what customers associate with Christmas because they have been the season’s resident colour for ages. These warm and instantly recognisable hues are appropriate for food businesses and hotels because they exude a feeling of warmth and dependability. However, it’s better to balance the red and cream with white spaces to make the design readable and more relaxing to the eyes.

2. Nature’s colours – brown, green, and white

If red is too striking, you can use more soothing neutral colours that take inspiration from the Christmas tree. This palette works best for businesses in the beauty and wellness industry because they represent nature and relaxation. Likewise, colour psychology dictates that consumers associate green with trust. With several companies competing for attention this Christmas, that assurance can give your business the upper hand in gaining the trust of your current and potential customers as well.

3. The colour of ice – blue, silver, white

It’s easy to associate these colours with winter, which coincides with Christmas. The charm of these cold colours will forever remain in style, and they are a modern way to add flair to your marketing campaigns for the holidays. This colour pattern works best for retailers and gift shops because it sets a soothing mood that makes the store look more enticing.

4. Your brand’s colours

If the colour schemes above do not fit your marketing strategy, you can place Christmas details like bells and the snowman to your leaflets. This approach lets you retain business branding while keeping in line with the season. Retaining your colours will make your campaign easily recognizable as well.

Find a quality printing service

Having the best design and incorporating the right colours for Christmas will mean nothing if you will bring it to a sub-standard printer. Because of this, having your marketing collaterals produced by a reliable provider will make the hues pop even more.

Whether you need promo materials as small as a business card or as large as a roller banner, a reliable printer must deliver the same quality and retain the accuracy of each colour. Likewise, the printer must offer a quick turnaround of the deliverables, especially when there is an event or a product launch the following day.

Meanwhile, the same-day printer must make it easy for you to submit designs. They should allow you to upload your artwork to their website and offer templates so that you can find the size you need quickly. Finally, they should also help you in creating a design from scratch, whether it’s for digital printing or large scale purposes.

Get in touch with a professional printing company in London to make your marketing materials for Christmas come to life.