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Large Format Printing Services – Design Tips You Need To Know

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From tradeshow backdrops to giant banners, there are many different large format printing services available to people nowadays. Large format printing can often pose a few design challenges, which is why we have put this post together. Read on to discover some top design tips you need to know to ensure you do not end up making a costly error.

  • Print a small-scale sample first

    – You don’t want the printed large format piece to be the first time you see the design printed out. Large format printing can be expensive, especially when compared to printing business cards and such like. You don’t want to run the risk of having to pay for this service twice because of an error or a misalignment. This is why you are advised to print a smaller scaled version, for example, one that is 11 x 17 would be ideal, so you can catch any problems, if there are any.

  • Assess the legibility of the font you have chosen – There is nothing more frustrating than receiving your print and discovering that it is difficult to read. You need to ensure the font you select is easy to read from a distance. You should stay away from any fancy fonts with details that are going to be tricky to read our blend into the design. Although it can be tempting to go for overly creative fonts, legibility should always be the most important thing.
  • Stick with process colours – The third and final tip is to stick to process colours. You will find that most companies offering large format printing services will use ink jet printers, so you will need to plan for this. Of course, your logo is going to be a specific spot colour, but for everything else you should go for process colours.

If you follow the tips that have been mentioned in this post, you can send your design to the printing company you have chosen and have the peace of mind that the end result is going to be a great one. You should never invest in large format printing services without having triple checked over the design.