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UK Leaflet Printing – Essentials Of Leaflet Advertising

UK Leaflet Printing

Nowadays, it can be easy for people to overlook print advertising. But it is just as important as it ever has been, and the leaflet is something that will never lose value. However, before you invest in a UK leaflet printing service, you need to ensure your leaflet design and content is effective. Read on to discover more about the essentials of leaflet advertising.

    • The header

– The header is the most important part of any advertising material. This is what is going to draw people in. It is believed that eight in ten people will read your leaflet’s header, but only two of these people will keep reading the rest. You want to increase this statistic. You need something that matters to your target audience and that is going to leave them wanting more.

  • Focus on benefits – One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to leaflet printing UK and design is focusing on the features rather than the benefits. You need to point out how your product or service is going to be advantageous to the person reading the leaflet.
  • Showcase credibility – It is vital to build trust. This is largely dependent on the industry you operate in. However, showing qualifications or that you are a member of a professional body is highly recommended.
  • Make sure it is double sided – When investing in leaflet printing services London wide, you need to instruct them to print on both sides. Don’t waste the back page, as this gives you the opportunity to sell your business more and it will double the chances of it being read.
  • Call to action – Don’t waste your money on printing services if you haven’t incorporated a call to action in your leaflet. If you haven’t included this, you are going to miss out on a huge amount of sales, as you haven’t prompted your customers on what to do next.


To conclude, make sure you have the five points in this post mastered before you send your designs to a UK leaflet printing company.