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How The Font You Choose For Your Marketing And Branding Can Make All The Difference

Print Service London

Customers can be very judgemental. But that’s a good thing. Customers’ opinions of what businesses do can help them to grow and become better. So when it comes to their opinion on your marketing material and branding, your print service London designs needs to be exactly right.

Subconsciously questioning what a piece of marketing really means is something that we all do, and that questioning leads us to make instant decisions. What you want as a business owner is to ensure that those decisions lead to sales. There are many things that can be attributed to these decisions and how they are made, but one that might not be realised is the font you use in your printing services designs. When you contact your printer in London, you will need to already have chosen your design – and that includes the font. Some styles will project an image of luxury and quality, some offer elegance, some say that yours is a hard-hitting, bold kind of business. It all depends on what you want to tell your potential customers about as to what kind of font you use. There is a lot of variety out there when it comes to fonts, which is great when you want to say something specific as there is sure to be a type of font that suits your branding ideas. It also means there is no excuse when it comes to ensuring that you get it right.

Seeing visual cues created by your digital printing partners can evoke memories and emotions in your customers. Those memories might be personal to that individual, but they are just as likely to be memories or links to other logos and branding they have seen in the past. So if you want to suggest that you are similar to another, big and successful, company, you may want to use similar fonts in your print service London designs. Be careful, however – anything too similar will work against you, and could get you into legal trouble as well. In order to use the right fonts in your printing services London, you need to know who and what your target market is. Once you know this, thinking of the correct font to use becomes much easier. Something else to consider on top of the font itself is the sizing of the design. Large lettering will quickly grab the attention, but small lettering with a lot of white space around it will work as well, as this causes people to keep looking for longer. Does your brand name need to be big and loud, or should it be soft and commanding? It does make a difference.

Spacing is just as important – a print service London design with letters close together may look exciting. Further apart and it is slow and sedate. Try different sizes before ordering your printing to ensure that it looks just how you want it to. You will win more customers with good design planning.