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How To Design The Perfect Business Card

Business Cards Printing UK

Designing a business card is exciting. If you need to have one, then it means people need your contact information, and that can only be good for business. Before you go ahead with business cards printing UK based, you need to know what to include, and what not to include. So, let’s take a look…

To start with, when thinking about printing business cards, you need to decide what contact information to include. This was fairly easy in the past, but there are many more ways to contact people these days (including social media), and you may not wish to include all options. Definite details to include are your name, mobile phone number, and your email address. You will also need your company name and your position within that company, as well as the company’s web URL. You may wish to include the company address, but this is not necessary. The same goes for an office phone number. These are the essentials when it comes to business card London design, but you may also want to include social media details, or even a QR code for your company’s website. If there is room, a map of where your company is based can also work – but don’t fill up the card just because there is space. Sometimes less is more, and a crowded business card simply doesn’t look professional. Remember, your card has both a back and a front, so utilising both sides is a great idea. You might even want to give one entire side of the card over to an eye-catching image, or your logo.

Next, what kind of paper or card do you want your printers in London to use? Unlike when printing posters, there are many different kinds of stock to choose from. Your budget will play a part in this, but equally picking a material that works inline with your company’s identity is important. If you are a gardener, or work in the environmental sector, for example, recycled card will look good. For a big, corporate company, a thick, luxury material will work best. Of course, there is the shape of the business card to consider before you send your designs to a business cards printing UK company. While it can be tempting to go for an unusual shape, it is important to remember that business cards are designed for convenience. A business card in the shape of a cupcake may look amazing for your bakery, but will people be able to slide it into their back pocket with ease? The last thing you want is for your lovely business card to end up thrown in the bin because there is no space for it. Now to the printing itself: standard printing can look amazing, but have you thought about embossing your business cards? Or using foil inlay? These are great ways to make your business card look sleek and professional while standing out from the competition.

Finally, proofread your design before sending it to your printing London based company. Errors that you make could be costly if they are not picked up – and they will look bad when spotted by your clients. Get it right the first time with business cards printing UK based, and you will save time and money.

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