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8 Elements to Examine Before Bulk Printing Label Designs

When it comes to printing labels, test print is vital. The idea of test print is to print a few samples before printing labels in bulk. Doing so can help you save from costly mistakes by making the necessary corrections if the labels don’t get printed as they should. However, test print isn’t just about mere printing. Part of the process is examining a few factors on your label designs. 

For test printing, here’s what to examine before you take the plunge in printing your label designs in bulk.


It can be quite overwhelming for your team to get into the whole process of copywriting, designing, and printing. Chances are, your team might make a few typographical errors written on the label. Take time to proofread your label’s content and ensure that there are no misspelt words.


While you’re checking for typographical errors, check the content for any grammatical errors. Though sentence construction and word choice can be easily corrected, pay particular attention to punctuations. Also, make sure each sentence makes sense. Even the use of idioms and phrases should be accurate and applicable.

Font spacing

Don’t miss out on the font spacing as well. Many copy editors tend to neglect the idea that the spacing can affect readability. You don’t want the letter or words on your label to look squeezed. Make sure to observe proper spacing between your header, subhead, and body copy.


The colour is one essential factor for your label design. Chances are, your design’s colours look great on the computer, but turn faded on paper. Test printing helps you see if the colours are accurate in print as well.

Printer shifting

Another consideration is printer shifting. You don’t want any vertical or horizontal shifting to occur in printing. As much as possible, you don’t want any critical design elements to be cut off during printing. Make sure that you have enough space inside the label perimeter.


The application itself is the most crucial part. For test printing, set up your application station like you normally would for the actual printing. The goal is to ensure consistency across various print runs with the same conditions as the actual printing. First, confirm that you’re using the right label material. Second, double-check that you choose the right size and shape labels. Finally, hold your product arm’s length away.


After the printing application, see how the labels have contact with your product, container, or packaging. Make sure they can hold for as long as possible. Certain uses may require a stronger adhesive, while others may not. Foresee how the labels can stick to the packaging in the long run.

Product use

Finally, see how the label performs during actual use. The goal is to ensure that the labels stay as they are during shipping and usage. You know how the product label can represent your brand, and you don’t want to fail at branding your product itself.

Follow the simple steps mentioned above for test printing to ensure that your label designs will be perfect for your packaging and products. Even simple label designs can indirectly impact your business branding, sales conversion, and business.

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