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How to Increase Your Sales with These Label Design Requirements

The product label is one essential aspect of every business. While the quality of products is deemed as the most important, the label design isn’t something to be neglected. Attractive labels can be instrumental in attracting consumers and closing sales. They can also contribute much to the company’s branding and overall business success.

That said, product labels should consist of all the information expected from a label. These should include the logo, product name, short descriptions, barcode, company information, list of ingredients, and directory for use, among others. As much as possible, the designs should be visually appealing and reflective of your business image and identity.

When designing your product labels, here are key requirements that you should consider to help increase your company’s sales.

Label size and shape for packaging

The packaging should be considered before your label design. First, consider the size and shape of your label for the packaging, not to mention the colours and materials to use. The packaging represents your product, so you want to make sure that the label complements well with the packaging. Once you’ve determined the size and shape, only then you can proceed with designing your label.

Design labels for both products and customers

When starting with the label design, you should have both the products and customers in mind. Make sure that the information included on your label is reflective of your business brand. Ensure that all the details are accurate because you want to convey your brand message as clearly as possible. Customers should have a good grasp of the products you’re selling and the brand you’re promoting. Make the design visually attractive to catch the customers’ attention.

Use of typography

Most companies employ typography for their print marketing. Typography is the technique of arranging texts to make the written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. The creativity of the typography can help your products have more sales and increased brand awareness.

Empty space for readability

As with any design, empty space is crucial as well. Blank spaces can ease out the clutter in the design and give room for breathing. Less use of empty space and a big chunk of text can be quite overwhelming and distracting for most people. Leave some blank spaces to make your text more readable and appealing to retain their attention for as long as possible.

Printing quality

Lastly, the printing quality is of utmost importance. No matter how great your label design is, it won’t meet your needs if the printing delivers poor outputs. When it comes to the type of printing paper, you can opt for any coating type, whether it’s glossy or matte. Also, make sure to select between paper and vinyl for the base material. Lastly, choosing the right format for the right design can make your label look so much more attractive to the customers. 

Make sure that you comply with the label requirements mentioned above. Product labels can speak volumes about the company’s brand and resonate well with potential customers. Use the tips mentioned above to help your company increase sales and brand recognition.

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