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When To Use Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

The options available when you require printing services can be a bit dizzying, especially if you’re not exactly up to date with the terminology. Large format printing will, usually, produce products of 24” or larger and is perfect if you need designs that will be eye-catching, even from a distance.

You should consider large format prints when you’re getting banners, posters, leaflets or large prints of artworks or motivational images printed for your business or home. These kind of products will be best served by large format printing services as, obviously, you’ll be able to get them in the size you want. You can also be sure that the images won’t be distorted and the colours will be preserved with such services; the last thing you want is to bin a batch of posters because the colours have bled or the image is warped.

More normal photocopying services would be better for business and legal documents or, for example, smaller spreadsheets and employee training handbooks. Anything that will be printed in the usual A4 size or smaller, for example, will not need large format printing at all. Large format printers are, of course, capable of producing documents in smaller sizes but using one to print, say, a batch of stock-take documents on A4 paper is rather like using a Ferrari to go shopping for your groceries.

Like any other printing service, large format printing has uses for which it is perfectly suited and those to which it is maladapted. When choosing which kind of printing services you require, you should consider the size of the images or documents you’ll be printing and how many you need before getting a quote.