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What to Consider When Choosing a Printing Service in London

What to Consider When Choosing a Printing Service in London

The world has undoubtedly gone digital – important meetings and appointments are now being held completely via video conferencing technologies like Zoom and Google Meet while business correspondence takes place through e-mail. Marketing campaigns are also becoming increasingly more focused on online platforms and social media, making use of influencers and Facebook Advertisements to reach their target audiences.

However, this doesn’t mean that printed collaterals no longer have any value, and contrary to popular belief, these still play a crucial role in today’s business landscape. For instance, business cards are still extremely relevant, especially in some cultures where they’re held in high regard. To add to that, flyers and posters are critical when it comes to physical and face-to-face events, like trade fairs and professional conferences.

It goes without saying that these printed collaterals continue to be one of the best ways to raise awareness for your brand and get your company out there – no matter how digital the world becomes! When these are used in combination with digital marketing strategies and techniques, then you’ll undeniably start seeing a significant boost in your business, experiencing growth in customer base and an increase in sales without going over-budget.

Now, printed collaterals are only successful if these feature creative and eye-catching designs, as well as a high-quality finish. Understandably, no one would deign a second look on a flyer that’s blurry with a garish color scheme or a business card where the font is too small for the average eye to read. Because of this, it’s important that you choose a trustworthy and reputable printing service for your collaterals. Not only will this ensure that the results are excellent and top-notch, but it will also give you the chance to focus on the issues and business concerns that need prioritizing. After all, having complete trust in the work that your chosen printing service does means one less headache for you.

With that, here are a few tips and things that you should take into consideration when choosing among the many printing services in London.

Double-Check their Quality

Without a doubt, the very first thing that you should take a look at is the quality of their products. Do their flyers have those weird, wonky lines that indicate a malfunctioning printer? Are their materials durable and long-lasting? Do the colors in the printed collaterals match the ones in the submitted design?

To ensure the quality of their work, head over to their website where you can scrutinize the range of products that they offer, as well as their samples. If neither of these is up on their site, then that’s certainly a huge red flag!

Moreover, a company that invests in the latest and leading print technology should be on the top of your list. Having these tools ensures that your collaterals boast of unmatched clarity and precision, as well as consistency.

Evaluate Your Needs and Goals

Other factors that you should take into consideration when picking a printing service in London are your needs and goals. For instance, will your collaterals be used for multiple outdoor events or are you headed for a professional conference in a swanky hotel downtown? What kind of vibe do you want your business cards to have? And, will your flyers be handed out or will they be slipped into gift bags?

Having a clear set of needs and goals will allow you to match these with the services that a printing company offers. Those who need collaterals for outdoor events should undoubtedly go with a printing service that uses heavy-duty materials – the kinds that aren’t easily damaged, even when exposed to extreme weather. On the other hand, those whose flyers will be included in gift bags should opt for a company that offers a wide range of sizes to choose from.

Keep in mind that not every printing company in London offers the same types of services. With this in mind, be sure that the one you eventually go with is a great fit for what you envision your collaterals to be and to do.

Assess their Customer Service

When it comes to printing marketing collaterals, their success is largely hinged on how well you communicate with your chosen company. The ideal printing service would be one that takes the initiative to ask questions and clarify things when something that you said proves to be unclear or even impossible to do. More than that, though, you want to go with a company that can simultaneously listen to your requirements and offer their own suggestions without coming across as rude or condescending.

Excellent communication goes a long way in ensuring that your printed collaterals come out exactly the way you want them. If you want don’t want to feel stressed out and frustrated, then go for a printing service that prioritizes customer service, one who places a premium on the wants and needs of their clients.

* * * * *

Before ultimately picking a printing service in London, make sure to consider these factors first, which will allow you to go for the company best-suited for whatever it is that you want. Having these in mind will do nothing but ensure that you receive the printed collaterals that you need and deserve.

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