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Printing or Purchasing Bottle Labels: Which Is Better?

Printing or Purchasing Bottle Labels: Which Is Better?

Making bottle labels is simple and enjoyable. A few significant aspects control the process of manufacturing striking labels, whether you print them yourself or buy them. Here are a few tips for printing your bottle labels: 

Understanding Quantity Requirements

Knowing your quantity needs is one of the most important aspects of executing an effective purchasing strategy to keep your prices low and your output on track. Bulk orders can help you save time and money by lowering manufacturing costs, but they can also leave you with unusable inventory if products become outdated.

Keep in mind that changing market dynamics might have an impact on your purchase decisions. You may print in-house with an inkjet printer only to discover that a laser printer is far more convenient for your increased volume demand. 

You may choose a printed roll label for the label applicator only to discover that you need a larger production applicator with a different label placement direction later.

Choosing the Right Label Size and Shape

Label sizes are available in various stocking sizes and shapes, and they may be readily created with advanced tools to meet your specific requirements. It’s usually simple to locate a size already in stock or for which tooling has been created.

Your options can include round, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, or any custom shapes to fit your logo or design. Starburst, diamond, and heart shapes are common distinctive forms widely accessible off the market or through a digital printing system.

Material Options for Bottle Labels

Bopp, paper, and finished materials are among the most often used bottle labels, and depending on the procedure, most of these alternatives have gloss or matte lamination options. 

If you’re using a label for an oil bottle or a refrigerated product, you’ll want something waterproof or climate-resistant throughout the label’s use.

Paper labels are an excellent method to save money for items that don’t require vinyl or Bopp. A suitable laminate or finished paper label can give your design a fantastic look. It’s also the ideal solution for a professional product appearance that won’t harm your profit margin.

Blank label materials can be used in both laser and inkjet printers, but you’ll commonly encounter labels that are designed specifically for laser or inkjet printing. If you’re printing yourself, make sure you have the proper material for your printing method, and keep in mind that the ink from these printers will appear different from your design.

Style Options for Bottle Labels 

Knowing your volume, size, form, and application needs will all play a role in determining the type of label you need. Labels are often sold in sheets, rolls, or cut-to-size pieces. 

If you buy blank bottle labels, you’ll very certainly be buying sheets to feed into your inkjet or laser printer. You can also order custom-printed bottle labels at discounts on lesser volumes for most hand-applied bottle labels. Printed cut-to-size labels are another excellent choice for hand applying.

Custom roll labels are ideal for greater numbers (typically around 500 labels minimum, depending on label size), and they are available in a variety of patterns for manual or machine application. Roll labels printed with digital UV printers come in various materials and can be laminated for added gloss and protection.

Printing Your Labels or Purchasing Pre-Printed Labels: Which Is Better? 

Label printing on your printer can be enjoyable as well as cost-effective. However, you must also consider time, ink prices, and artwork setup requirements, all of which might be a deterrent to self-printing. Purchasing bespoke labels is a terrific method to simplify the process and potentially save money when you have many labels to print.

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