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5 Tips in Designing Wonderful Presentation Folders

Professional files shouldn’t come in plain folders. Delivering them in a well-designed presentation folder adds extra value to the collateral and company literature. A personalised folder adds a level of professionalism, class, and branding. 

Although aesthetics isn’t necessarily crucial in business, a well-crafted presentation folder helps get the message across and seals the deal in most scenarios. Here’s how to get your presentation folders right:

1. Keep it Simple

Sometimes, beauty means simplicity. Therefore, a printed folder shouldn’t be busy and complicated. 

It should be minimal, with a simple logo, brand element, or picture representing the business for the clients. Ensure that the design of the folder compliments the inserts that it contains. 

2. Choose the Best Stock

Using the right card stock adds value to the personalised folder that you’re submitting for business transactions. Nobody wants to receive a wonky or too soft folder that doesn’t support what’s inserted. Therefore, the card stock chosen should depend on the contents that the folder will carry. 

Folders need to be durable or sturdy enough to withstand shipping, rush hour commutes, and other issues it might encounter while travelling towards the client. It is also best to choose a darker-coloured stock, making it look cleaner for a longer time. For a more secure feel, choose a card stock with a laminated finish for added protection. The laminated finish prevents the folder from getting scratched later on.

3. Find a Way to Stand Out

Folders have a traditional look that most people use. However, creating a custom shape or cut of a folder should add a wow factor to your design and make it stand out from many files on a desk. 

Adding features such as insert pockets or a plastic window that allows peeking will create a unique design. Folders do not have to look the same. Although it is preferable to choose the standard folder design, it wouldn’t hurt to innovate a little bit to stand out from the rest.

4. Bring the Ideas to Life

Most printing presses produce an A4-sized folder with a portrait orientation. However, nobody said that they are limited to creating only that size. There are printing presses that consider producing designs based on their client’s needs. 

If you want personalised folder cutouts for various uses, start finding a company that can accommodate your plans. If you have an idea in mind, make sure that you’ll find a partner who can bring the concept to life.

5. Elevate the Design

Aside from the right paper stock and the cutout design of the folder, maximise other things such as colour and paper finishes to elevate your design further. Small details like these can boost your printed folder to a different showpiece. 

Another fun idea is to emboss or deboss logos. Also, consider metallic foils, bright and vibrant Pantone colours. The options are endless. As long as you can imagine how you want it to look, it can come to life with the help of the right people.


Designing for a professional business shouldn’t be bound to the basics. Instead, try to think outside the box and explore the possibilities of design. Gone are the days where the folders are only white or off-white. Companies are now progressive and think about their branding more than anything else.

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