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Why White Space Is Important in Designing a Brochure – What to Know

White space is a powerful design tool for creating a brochure. By obtaining the optimum level of white space, the design achieves the balance required to make a brochure visually pleasing to its readers. This is achieved when a designer has an eye for balance, along with experience and practice.

White space must not be considered as wasted space. Other clients who don’t understand the concept insist on printing as many texts and images in a brochure as possible. However, an over-crowded brochure looks messy and unprofessional. It is unable to feature products or deliver the message of the company clearly. 

Instead of saving money by compressing the texts within a limited space, companies end up wasting resources with unproductive brochure design. White space adds value to the overall design of a brochure. 

Here are some advantages of using white space in designing a brochure:

1. It makes the brochure look neat and professional

Whether a business is modern or traditional, printing a brochure is a marketing strategy that has long been adopted by many companies. Every brochure must represent the brand of the company. To appear credible in front of customers, it must look neat and professional. This clean look is achieved by adding white space to the brochure. 

Other people who prefer a colourful and creative design might think that a white space requirement is not compatible with their ideal design. However, the white space requirement does not need to tamper on a good design. On the contrary, it makes the design even better.

2. It gives the reader a sense of direction

The purpose of a brochure is to send a clear message to its readers. White space adds visual direction to the reader. With all the information provided on one page, readers might easily be distracted. They absorb less information if their eyes skip from section to another. They need guidance on where to start reading texts and where to find the images that pertain to the text. The white space provides some rest to the eyes and is an effective way to break up paragraphs and different sub-sections. This makes the brochure more legible to its readers.

3. It works to highlight special points in a brochure

White is the best background to make things stand out. It allows texts and images to be seen more clearly with proper contrast. Putting the appropriate amount of white space allows the reader to adjust their eyes towards the essential points in a brochure. It leads their attention to the highlighted areas in a brochure and gives more priority to the most important information that the company intends to offer to the readers.


The white space is every marketer’s friend. It is particularly helpful for printing with enough ‘bleed’ or allowance for printing. The aim of the white space is to make sure that no critical section is cut out or left out. Every brochure must have enough white space to make its content look stunning. 

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