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Wedding Planning 101 Making the Best Invites

Wedding Planning 101: Making the Best Invites

Your wedding invites are a reflection of your dream wedding and the first glance into your perfect day for your guests. They elicit enthusiasm and serve as a precursor to one of the most important days of your life. That is why you want to make a great first impression with the invitation. 

To help you make invites that fit perfectly within your theme, we’ve compiled a list of pointers. Keep reading to learn more!

Decide on Your Theme

Your wedding invitations will most likely be the first point of contact with the guests and will set the tone for your entire wedding theme. Your guests will get a sense of what your wedding will be like based on the invitation—black-tie formal, fairytale, exquisite yet straightforward, rustic, and so on. Choose paper and colours that suit your taste, and then continue the theme throughout the wedding.

Select the Right Paper

You can choose from a variety of paper styles for your wedding invites. Heavy card stock, vellum, and cotton are among the most common. The most frequent material used is heavy card stock because it is robust enough to resist mail delivery and can be kept as a keepsake. It also comes in lovely wedding colours, which are usually cream or white. Vellum is translucent paper that is used to cover heavier paper. You can print it straight on. Cotton is a more expensive option, but it lasts a long time and looks beautiful in an album or frame.

Keep It Simple

Your invitation will be easier to read and more pleasant to the eyes if it has fewer lines. You need to provide the most vital information on the invitation itself, and you can get extra information from other card enclosures or a website. The invitation should state who is hosting the wedding, the couple’s names, the wedding date, time, location of the ceremony, and the reception to follow.

Work on the Envelope

The traditional method of handwriting your guests’ names and addresses on the envelope gives a personal touch. Consider employing calligraphy to address your envelopes for a professional first impression. Digital calligraphy is another economical option that is a superior alternative to unreadable handwriting. When managing your invitations, consider using the visitors’ full names rather than nicknames.

Double Check Everything

It’s one thing to look at your stationery design on a screen and quite another to gaze at them in person. Always triple-check your design proofs to ensure there are no surprises. Even if you’re short on time, putting in the effort now will ensure that you don’t have an embarrassing mistake eternally etched on your printed invitations!

We recommend that you and your partner spend some time together reviewing the proofs and that you have a trustworthy friend or family member proofread them as well.

Are You Ready to Create a Wedding Invitation?

The couple’s first point of contact with their guests is through a wedding invitation. So, your wedding planning team should thoughtfully craft the invites to reflect you and your significant other’s sincerity and general preferences.

Do you need help in designing your ideal wedding invitation suite? You’ve come to the right place. Printpal London creates personalised wedding invitations that meet your style, theme, and budget, whether you came to us because of a recommendation or by chance during your wedding planning research. Call 020 8343 0099 to have your wedding invitations customised!

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