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Understanding and Making the Most of Print Marketing

Print marketing is one of the oldest and most effective forms of marketing. Though it has changed over the years, the basic premise is still the same: to create printed materials that promote a product or service.

When we talk about print advertising, we’re not just talking about the flyers and brochures that find their way into your mailbox; we’re also talking about labels, posters, advertisements, business cards, newsletters, direct mail, billboards, and signage. Print advertising encompasses any printed materials used to advertise a product, service, or message.

Most of a company’s print marketing efforts are spent on direct mail or advertisements. According to a survey by Kantar Media, 79% of people still read physical newspapers, 82% read printed magazines, and 32% prefer physical over digital magazine advertisements. Because of this, you shouldn’t let the fact that it’s not always possible to monitor campaigns using sophisticated analytical software prevent you from spending funds toward doing this method.

Although print advertising has evolved greatly throughout the years, some of its fundamentals have stayed the same. While traditional forms of advertising, such as the yellow pages and windscreen fliers, will likely never go away, modern marketers have gotten far more inventive, making extensive use of visual components in their campaigns.

Some Valuable Tips for Making the Most of Print Marketing

While there are certainly many resources online that may help you create the “ideal print marketing campaign,” just because someone else has followed a set of guidelines doesn’t mean you have to.

What, in your opinion, makes this so negative? Is it because your first impression upon seeing it is that it’s too loud and that the fonts and colours don’t go well together? Is it because of the large, distracting header and the lack of information below it? Is it because the logo dominates the poster?

Although that may be the case, if the targeted company is generating leads or seeing an uptick in revenue, the campaign must succeed.

  • Audience

There is no denying the high cost of direct mail advertising. It’s easy to get discouraged when you consider the total cost after accounting for design, printing, mailing, and internal resources. The first step is ensuring you have a firm grasp on who you want to reach.

Maybe you could conduct a smaller batch of important prospective clients instead of doing a blanket campaign for everyone and their dog. Can you form a strategic alliance with a publication that your target demographic actively reads and interacts with instead?

  • Don’t Try to Do Too Much at Once

Having your message heard is important, but how can you tell whether it’s having an impact if it sounds the same in every location? Don’t be afraid to temporarily halt other activities while your ad is running; just keep track of the measurements you take before, during, and after the campaign to determine ROI and success.

  • Messaging

Your message is crucial, whether you’re handing out A5 flyers or renting out a giant billboard. For best results, your titles should be simple and direct, your brands should be easily recognised, your images should be high-quality representations of your product or service, and your calls to action should be straightforward and easy to remember. You shouldn’t put a lengthy site address on a billboard since no one will take the time to read it, much less remember it.

  • Styling

Maintain cohesion by using the same aesthetic throughout. Although various shades may be utilised to denote distinct lines of merchandise or classes of consumers, the overall aesthetic must be unmistakable. There are a hundred other items out there, much like yours, so how can you expect buyers to locate you if you keep altering your branding?


Your decision to enter or remain active in this field is ultimately yours to make, but keep in mind that uniqueness is not necessarily a bad thing. With everything being advertised on every conceivable digital platform, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s important. Marketing in print is distinct. It’s easy to see the results, understand what’s happening, come up with novel solutions, and have those solutions more than pay for themselves.

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