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Tips to Protect Roller Banners from Damage and Get the Most out of them

Tips to Protect Roller Banners from Damage and Get the Most out of them

Roller banners are a one-time investment that leads to a vast range of benefits. Some of them are designed to be used again and again. They are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools and offer a great variety of sizes and designs. However, to give your roller banners the longevity they deserve, it’s best to maintain them and take good care of them. Protecting your banner involves high-quality roller banner printing, proper cleaning, storing and utilising. So it’s worth taking time to make sure you get the most out of your roller banners.

Why it’s Essential to Protect Your Banners?

There’s no denying roller banners play a vital role in advertising your brand, products and services. They are inexpensive, reusable and easy to transport and store. On a tradeshow or banners are very effective at communicating your message to the attendees in a short time. Their versatility makes them a perfect and eye-catching option for both small and large scale events. Follow the tips below to protect your roller banners from damage and make them last longer:

Proper Handling

Roller banners are usually created using highly durable PVC, but the graphics can still wear and tear when mistreated. In addition, when the graphics are pulled too aggressively from the stand, significant loss occurs.

Pro Tip: Always pull the graphics in a smooth and steady motion to avoid any loss.

Choice of Location

Make sure your roller banner is safe and placed at an optimal place for viewing. There’s no benefit in placing an eye-catching roller banner somewhere in the corner out of everyone’s reach. Also, plan about its safety. You probably wouldn’t want your roller banner in the middle of the way where it’s going to get bumped by visitors or in a wind tunnel at the risk of being attacked by weather.

Pro Tip: it is vital to choose a suitable roller banner for the location. Don’t forget to go for a sturdy option in case of an outside display.

Timely Cleaning and Maintaining

Your banner may attract dust or grime during travel or the biggest tradeshow. To enjoy the benefits of your banners for a long-time, it is essential to clean and maintain them regularly. So before you go for storing your roller banner after a long campaign, give it a good clean.

Pro Tip: use a gentle, wet cloth to clean it before storing it. Avoid using any abrasive cleaner as it may remove the top layer and leave your banner open to disastrous elements.

Correct storage

Before you store your roller banner, make sure it’s clean and dry. After cleaning with a wet cloth, don’t forget to dry the banner gently with a soft, dry cloth.

Pro Tip: store it flat and covered with clean, dry paper or cloth. Prevent it from any folds or curves for fresh use every time. Better roll the banner than folding it to protect it from dust and unwanted wear and tear.

How can Printpal London Help?

Roller banners are very popular advertising tools for their durability and portability. With proper maintenance, you can make them last longer and get maximum benefits. Printpal London uses years of experience and turnkey tools to create attractive solutions for printing in London. We offer a vast range of tools, including stickers, leaflets, banners, large format formatting and more to fulfil your requirements. So connect with us and get ready to give a boost on your next tradeshow with eye-catching and cost-effective roller banner printing in London.