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Things to Keep in Mind before Getting Custom Labels

Things to Keep in Mind before Getting Custom Labels

Acquiring custom labels takes a lot of time and resources, not just for your company, but for the printing press as well. Although the process can be intimidating, it helps to narrow it down to the important things you need to take care of.

So as to keep everything on track, it’s important to plan out your custom label printing process down to the letter. Here are some key things to keep in mind when you are doing so.

1. Plan Your Label Budget

If you are planning on printing plenty of labels, it’s best to set aside a dedicated budget for it. Think about the service prices as well as the material you plan to use for the labels. 

Conduct thorough research on the optimal choice for your company, and try to make room for emergency expenditures. When you find the best choice based on your budget and needs, it will help reduce any risks in the future.

2. Set a Timeline for Orders to Come In

The label printing process simply isn’t print and go. There is usually an allotted time for art proofs, approvals and the production process. Talk to your printing press about any deadlines you need to meet. 

This is vital to ensuring that there are no delays in the production process. You should also allow a few days for delivery of the product. If you can provide everything the printer needs as early as possible, the better.

3. Iron Out the Fine Details

To prepare for everything the printer needs, you need to iron out the fine details of your labels. Take into account the following items, and make sure to provide any necessary information to your printer.

4. Amount

Before ordering, make sure to have a set number of labels to order. There is a higher likelihood of reduced costs the bigger the bulk of the order. This is something you should take into account before you place your order.

5. Colours

Another crucial detail to iron out would be the colours of your labels. Printers will have to know whether to choose offset CMYK, print full-colour or more. If you have any special conditions you would like to be met, make sure you inform the printer beforehand.

6. Container-Types

It’s important for the printing press to know what container type the labels will be put into. Depending on the material, it could influence the adhesive of the label. It should also help to specify whether you want the label to appear a certain way on the container.

7. Dimensions

Of course, the overall size and shape of the label is vital information for the printing press. If you have specific customization instructions in mind, such as any custom shapes you want the label to come in, you must tell the printing press immediately.


Finding the right printing services can be tough. But with proper communication, the printing process will go smoother than you think. As long as you have ironed out the finer details, and made sure everything is on schedule, your label-printing should be a success.

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