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The Ins Outs Dos and Donts of Postcard Marketing

The Ins, Outs, Do’s, and Don’ts of Postcard Marketing

Postcards are a classic way to reach out to your loved ones. Though it might seem old-fashioned, it is a surprising and unique gesture in the age of digital communication. There is allure in receiving something in the mail that a text message or Facebook post can’t give you, which presents an opportunity in advertising. 

Print marketers have turned to postcards to advertise in unique ways. When done right, this can yield great results. Done wrong, and you may end up printing unnecessary pieces of paper. Here are the do’s and don’ts of a postcard printing marketing campaign.

Do: Make it Creative

The charm in postcards is the designs they come in, in addition to the text. You want your postcard to be compelling, pretty, and inviting enough that your recipients may even consider pinning it on the refrigerator. They may keep it for the design initially, but when they get to a point where they need your service or product, they’ll have your contact information ready to make the call.

Don’t: Overcomplicate it

The allure of postcards is in their simplicity. They don’t come stuffed in envelopes, which people might avoid opening if they think it’s junk mail. Postcards are also short and written like they’re personalised for you. It’s just a postcard. Don’t overthink it.

Do: Set a Goal for Your Marketing Efforts

Every marketing campaign has goals that they want to achieve. Make sure that these goals are relevant and measurable. You can measure the success of your postcard campaign by including a special discount code or hashtag for people to use. Marry both traditional and digital means in the campaign, and you may get your brand even more publicity than you think.

Don’t: Forget the Call to Action

Yes, it has to look pretty. Yes, the text has to be inviting and simple. And yes, you need to track your progress. But all of that will be for nothing if you don’t have a call to action on it. If you leave out your contact details, people can’t find you. And if you don’t give your reader something to do after they check your card, it’s as good as junk mail. 

Do: Send to the Best Prospects

Make a list of the people most likely to give you the best results after receiving your postcard. For example, a postcard about a piece of furniture for the elderly will be junk mail to young working professionals living in flats. But you know who may find it useful? Senior homeowners who need it. Do your research and keep your demographic in mind, so your postcards are less likely to end up in the bin.

Don’t: Send Just One 

Sending once and never again will not work. It can take a while before your recipients warm up to the idea, but they’ll get there! Make postcard variations every time you send one out.


Postcard marketing allows you to reach people personally and eventually catch their attention. While this type of marketing can be tricky, it can bring in great results once you start doing it right and avoid the common pitfalls listed above.

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