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The Best Places to Display Your Promotional Posters – Our Guide

Even in today’s digital-driven world, putting up posters in your local area is an effective way of advertising businesses, opportunities, or events. The most significant benefit of printing posters, however, is that it offers a flexibility that allows for a fully customized design with the ability to demand total attention from passers-by. 

In no way does it replace the importance of optimizing your website or engaging in marketing tactics for social media, however, poster advertisements are proven to garner direct and high results as it targets a specific, regional market. With that in mind, where are the best places to put them up for the highest ROI?

Here are some high-impact places that are ideal for marketing your poster to your target audience:



It may be costly and challenging to secure a collaboration with a large national retailer, though local stores are typically easier to convince. To that end, one of the vital high-traffic areas and the most effective place for a poster is within shopping centres and high streets. 

These are generally full of diverse people, therefore, ensuring your marketing strategy has the broadest range of interaction and demographics as possible. Other high-impact places are transport stations due to their extreme pedestrian traffic flow. Keep in mind that collaborating with owners of these areas may come at a cost, though with their constant flux of customers, spending a few sums in your budget is more than worth it for a chance at getting higher ROI.


Coffee Shops, Pubs, Restaurants, and Hotels

Just like shops, restaurants and hotels are excellent places for the distribution of your posters. You can effectively market your business or event by placing them in bathroom stalls, indoor walls, doors, or even on the outside window of the establishment if the owner permits it. These are filled to the brim with people of multiple markets, and for that reason, be sure to know your customers and choose an establishment that aligns with your buyer persona. 


Waiting Areas

Waiting areas at the GP surgery, hospital, dentist, optician, and more are one of the best places to put up your poster as customers typically look for some form of visual stimulation during their wait. Just be sure to design your poster with an eye-catching style and attention-grabbing colours to ensure that your poster can draw the eyes of those waiting in line.

Fittingly enough, even a 2017 study of GP surgery found that posters relating to connections with the surrounding community create a comfortable environment for patients. To that end, there’s no need to hold back with your designs as waiting areas are a hotspot for potential customers. 


The Bottom Line: Good Etiquette for Posters

Any place offers its own potential and list of a target market; however, it’s good practice to ensure that you are not fly-posting in these establishments. Fly-posting is when you showcase advertising material on buildings without the owner’s consent. The person displaying the promotional materials without permission can be prosecuted as this is an illegal act, so be sure to ask for permission first before making a public post. 

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