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The Benefits of Advertising With Leaflets – How to Generate a Great ROI

Advertising has evolved exponentially in this digital age, and while there are plenty of marketing trends that take full advantage of this new platform, print advertising like leaflets works just as effectively – and sometimes even better for small, local businesses. 

Print material such as leaflets provides a point of reference for consumers to go back to when searching for your products and services. While all the necessary information about your company can also be easily checked online, leaflets provide a more focused approach as it eliminates the risk of viewers bouncing off to different websites and other competitors.  

To that end, there are two ways you can launch your business: leaflet distributions or advertisements in a magazine. Both are the standard form of promoting on a local scale; however, leaflets prove to be the more practical and cost-effective approach of marketing a business. In that regard, this article aims to break down the reasons why leaflet distribution is more effective: 



One of the biggest advantages leaflets have over magazine adverts is the convenience it brings to consumers. They are typically small yet offers accurate and engaging information about your company’s products and services, all compressed in a little, easy-to-carry leaflet. It talks about your business in a direct and precise approach. Not to mention, leaflets are usually handed out to target customers for free of charge. 


Targets a Specific Audience

Leaflet distributions is a powerful tool as it has the ability to target the most responsive audience of a company’s marketing campaign. It enables you to hone in on geographical and demographic factors to curate your distribution for a higher response rate. 

Tailored marketing also allows you to promote your products and services to customers who will genuinely benefit from your business. By contrast, you won’t have as much held on the target audience in a local magazine as you are locked into the magazine’s coverage only. 


Quick and Easy to Produce

One of the best things about leaflet distribution is that professional printing companies offer their design services. This can save you a lot of time and money as the need to outsource a designer is unnecessary. Not to mention, collaborating with the printing company can help you stay on top of the leaflet’s design accomplished all within a relatively quick timeframe.


Flexibility in Design

When it comes to designing your leaflet, your imagination is the only limit. The flexibility in design allows your business to construct a flyer that reflects the tone, mood, and personality of the company. This is done by choosing the right colour palette, font type, while the shape can be either round, postcard type, folder – you name it, we produce it. 

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