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How Do You Create a Professional Presentation Folder?

When you want your prospective customers to understand your clear message about what your company can do for them, you need to give them an excellent presentation. This is especially required when you attend conferences, conventions, trade shows and other events to meet business partners and prospects. 

You don’t just give them a plain binder or handouts, however—you need to provide them with a professional but enticing presentation that can give you a competitive edge. One of the fantastic ways to convey that strong, clear message to your target audience is to have a presentation folder. 

This is not just a marketing tool that can draw their attention to the quality of products and services you offer but can make a lasting impression about your business. If you haven’t used a presentation folder before, then you might feel lost as to where to start or how to make it a valuable tool for your prospective clients. 

To help you get started, here are the essential elements that you need to incorporate into your professional presentation folder.

Introduction Letter

An introduction letter gives your target audience a brief introduction to your company, your brand, your clear message and what exactly you want to discuss with them. To captivate your audience, you need an intro letter on high-quality paper and custom letterhead. 

In this way, you make a great first impression with the beautiful and professional-looking design while informing them about your company and the products/services you offer them. This is great for new prospects to get to know your business and your existing clients to discuss their pain points and overall needs.

Business Cards

A professional presentation folder doesn’t forget to include a quality business card. A business card provides an excellent opportunity to share contacts with potential clients and business partners, but this isn’t just a card with a bit of business information. 

It should be eye-catching, professional and uniquely designed with your brand. In this way, you relay your message in a powerful, captivating way, not dull, plain manner.

Educational Materials

When you have a professional presentation folder, you also need to include information about educating and persuading your target audience. Some of the educational materials that you can have are:

  • New Upgrades or Models in Your Products and Services – During trade shows, expos or events, you can show your latest updates or models not just to inform them but to build awareness and excitement. This includes active brochures or even flyers.
  • Testimonials – This is an essential material that can support and build your credibility in your industry. People want to know that you can be trusted and you can deliver your customers’ needs. These materials are informative regarding your customer’s pain points, success and trust that you and your existing clients have established.
  • Case Studies – Your prospective clients need to know how your business is different from the rest. To achieve this, you need to write case studies that answer their questions. You can use a representative client to describe the main problem that your target audience usually experiences and then tell them how you could solve it.

Promotional Merchandise

During trade shows, conventions or events, you also need to include promotional materials that can allow your prospective clients to remember you, and they can get them taken away or used over and over again. These materials can be coupons, fridge magnets, pens, bookmarks, notepads or any valuable gift with your branding on it.


A presentation folder shouldn’t be something you just do just because it’s needed. It should be your secret weapon to get your potential customers hooked on your products and services and to always look forward to something new in your brand and business in general.

PrintPal London offers reliable printing services such as a professional presentation folder in London that allows you to get noticed by your potential clients during events, conventions, trade shows and expos. Get in touch with us today to start with high-quality printing solutions for all your printing needs.

How to Have an Effective Poster Design for Your Business

A poster is a reliable and cost-effective marketing tool that can make customers remember your business. It can also serve as a reminder about the service or product you offer. However, not all business owners are successful in creating an effective poster. 

For it to serve its purpose, you need to have an excellent design to incorporate in your poster. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that your poster must be viewable from a distance to draw people to it. 

In this article, we will tell you more about posters and how you can make them more effective for your business. 

What Exactly Is a Poster? 

First, let’s define what a poster is. The poster we’re talking about is a monochrome or multicoloured sheet of paper. It usually consists of different elements, like texts, images, colours and the like to convey information or message. Generally, posters are placed in a public space for a chance to catch more eyes. 

Why Do You Need a Poster for Your Business?

A poster has the ability to catch attention, inform, convince and provoke customers, which are enough reasons for you to have one in your business. If you’re not convinced, a poster can also influence your visitor’s decision, so you should not miss out on the benefits of posters. 

What Are the Things You Need to Consider When Designing a Poster?

You can only have an effective poster design if you have a goal in mind. So, before you work on creating your business poster, you need to consider these things: 

  • Determine Your Target Group – In order to create an effective poster, you need to know who your target audience is so that you can address the message and frame your poster design specifically for them. 
  • Align Your Design with Your Brand Personality – For people to recognize you, you should align your design with your brand’s personality. You should carefully think about your design elements, like your fonts, colours, logos and the like.
  • Thoroughly Think About the Text and Its Positioning – An effective poster must be readable, whether the spectator is near or far. As much as possible, don’t place the text at the edge of the poster sheet because people will not see it right away. You should choose noticeable font colours that strongly contrast with the background. Moreover, you must only put content and information that are easy and quick to grasp but still memorable for the readers. 
  • Select Visuals That Support Your Message –  Sometimes, people will not mind your text at all. They will just look at your poster’s image and go about their day. So, there must be no disconnect between your visuals and text. Give them a visual wherein they can instantly get the message you want them to know without reading the text in your poster. 


Generally, having an effective poster design will highly depend on the elements you put in it. As long as you keep these considerations in mind, you can be successful in creating an effective poster design. Also, consider the size and materials you will have in your poster because those can also influence its effectiveness. 

If you’re ready to print out your posters, let PrintPal London help you! We are local quality printers in London, providing quick turnaround times and quality printed products for our customers. We print different business materials, including business cards, leaflets and flyers, stickers, posters and more. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you!

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