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Sticker Printing – 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Print Better Stickers

The only mark you want to leave when using stickers is an impression in someone’s mind, not that sticky residue. With good stickers, good impressions are made. With bad stickers, well, let’s say the sticky residue is the least bad thing that can happen. 

 With that said, however, stickers are excellent for a variety of uses. For example, they might be used by businesses to spread awareness about their brand. If you’re planning to create stickers, the last thing you want to happen is to end up with ones that do not fit its intended use at all. 

To help avoid that, here are three questions to ask yourself to print better stickers:

1. What will I use the stickers for?

Perhaps one of the most important questions you’ll ever need to ask yourself is this one. Without an end goal for these stickers, it’ll end up achieving nothing for you (or something else you didn’t intend).  

Stickers meant to label and archive items are different from stickers used to advertise new products, services, and brands. The number of stickers you’ll order will also depend on its intended use. That said, make sure that you figure out what the stickers will be used for. That way, you can make sure it is designed appropriately, and that the sticker-printing company has the necessary tools to make it a reality. 

2. Do I really need my stickers to be professionally printed?

When it comes to printing stickers, you’re given two general options. You can either print it yourself or have an expert print it for you. If you’re only printing a few, and do not mind printing at a much lower quality, then print it by yourself. However, if you need to print many stickers and want all of them to be of quality, look for a printing service to do it for you. 

In some cases, opting for a printing service can be much more economical. For example, if you’re printing a substantial number of stickers, you’ll get to enjoy economies of scale. These companies can also offer other benefits, such as tips on the design, along with technical support.

3. Should I use a custom shape or stick with standard ones?

You might come to believe that the typical square or circular shapes of stickers do not pop out as much as custom shapes. While that is true, even a standard shape will do! If you’re creating a sticker design that’s detailed or even ordinary, a custom-shaped sticker will help it pop out. However, a standard shape can and might even pair better with other designs, such as logos. Which ones you’ll, though, might be related more to your budget rather than your design needs. Custom shapes cost quite a bit more than standard shapes, and if you’re printing hundreds and even thousands and want to cut down on costs, opt for a standard shape. 

In conclusion, before you go ahead and print your stickers, ask yourself these three questions. Doing so provides you with a better idea of what you truly need to print the right sticker. With that said, it is recommended that you opt for professionally printed stickers. Not only will they last much longer, but if you’re going to use them for advertisement purposes, their quality will put a great impression in the customer’s mind. When they see how high-quality the stickers are, they know that your business is the same. 

If you are looking to print your custom stickers in London, get in touch with us to see how we can help your business.

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